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TCG Jump: Featured Match- The FIRST GX ATTACK, SNORLAX GX Deck

Snorlax GX
Get ready to beat your opponent until they are flat like a pancake with Snorlax GX!

We have a video featuring matches using Snorlax GX. This is the first GX that players get to have fun with. It involves a lot of energy but can dish out a lot of damage.

The video shows how you can use Max Elixir and Double Colorless Energy to get Snorlax GX up to do damage. Once you get enough energy on it then you can knockout EX Pokemon easily by dealing 180 damage. If you need to do even more damage then you have the option to use Pulverizing Pancake GX to do 210 damage. Not many things will survive this attack but make sure you use it wisely. GX moves can be used once per turn. Just keep an eye on the GX Marker to know if a GX attack was used.

So get ready to warm up beside a campfire with cookies as DarkIntegralGaming uses Snorlax GX to do massive damage!

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