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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Lost March VS Magcargo GX

Lost Magcargo
Get ready to feel things heat up in Lost Thunder!

We have a treat for you today! The guys from Rare Candy are testing new decks from Lost Thunder! This time they are looking at Lost March and Magcargo GX!

Lost March is one of the heavily talked about archetypes from Lost Thunder. This deck may sound familiar to Night March and that is because it is! Except the signature attack, Lost March, gets stronger for each Pokemon that you have in the Lost Zone. This deck has plenty of ways to get Pokemon into the Lost Zone. It won’t be long until you can do over 200 damage with a single energy attachment.

Magcargo GX has energy acceleration in the form of an ability. If you discard the top card of your deck and it ends up being a Fire energy then you can attach it to one of your Pokemon. It is a risk but you can control your top decks with Magcargo from Celestial Storm. This could lead to some nice comebacks if you have enough Magcargo on the bench. Once you do that then you can bring the real burn with Magcargo GX!

Which one of these decks have the skills to pay the bills? Watch this video from Rare Candy to see!

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