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TCG Jump: Featured Match- M Gyarados-EX/Aqua Patch vs Midnight Lycanroc-GX/Midday Lycanroc-GX

It is a battle between energy acceleration and energy denial! Who will win?

We have a match featuring two decks that may make a name of themselves thanks to the upcoming set, Guardians Rising! One deck is M Gyarados EX which is being played by Heretic. The other deck is dual Lycanroc GX which is being played by Dalton.

Heretic’s M Gyarados EX deck has all kinds of energy acceleration to get their attackers ready to go. There is Max Elixir to get energy out of the deck and onto Gyarados EX. There is the new Aqua Patch to get energy from the discard on to any Pokemon on the bench. Once you get those four Water energy on to M Gyarados EX then you can use Explosion Geyser to do 120 damage to any Pokemon. Want to do even more damage? Then just discard two cards from the top of your deck to 20 damage more times the number of Water energy attached to M Gyarados EX!

Meanwhile, Dalton is playing a Lycanroc GX deck that plays the Midnight and Midday forms. The Midnight Lycanroc GX has the Bloodthirsty Eyes ability that pulls any Pokemon it sees into the active. Meanwhile, Midday Lycanroc GX has the Crunch attack that can discard an energy from your opponent’s Pokemon. This deck plays plenty Crushing Hammers to disarm a Pokemon as well.

Who will win in this epic match? Watch the video below and check out the rest of WorldRenownedHeretic‘s videos!

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