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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Magnezone/Delphox

Featured Match
This week we are featuring a match by Pooka from The Top Cut. The deck being used involves two cards that don’t see much play and if they do then it is as support. Now they take the spotlight as the driving force for victory. So lets look at the Magnezone/Delphox deck.

The first objective of this deck is to set up Magnezone and Delphox. Magnezone’s Dual Brains allows you to use two Supporter cards per turn. That means you can do things like using Skyla to grab a Professor Juniper then in the same turn use it to gain a new hand. Combo this with Delphox’s Mystical Fire to draw until you have a hand of six to raise the chances to draw at least one of your many supporters.

The strength of this deck is the ability to use two supporters in one turn. Just using one extra Supporter in a turn can allow you to do crazy things like using Skyla to grab an Ultra Ball. Then discarding two Fire energy to grab a Delphox. Evolve a Pokemon into Delphox and use the Supporter Blacksmith to power up Delphox after normally attaching an energy. Once you have done that, you can attack with your Delphox’s Blaze Ball attack for at least 110 damage. All of this in one turn. This is only the tip of the iceberg as you can have one-third of your deck be Supporter cards of all kinds that can be used thanks to Magnezone and drawn by Delphox.

Click below to watch this deck in action!

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