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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Mienshao/Hawlucha

This week on Featured Match we are going to be taking a look at a deck on the rouge side. This match was brought to you by PokeDecks and it features a pair of cards that works great together in order to prevent your opponent from taking prizes. It is all about prize denial this week as things get tricky and each move is a turn that keeps your opponent from taking a prize. So get ready to see a deck in battle that features Mienshao and Hawlucha!

Mienshao/Hawlucha deck is a rather interesting deck whose main purpose is to keep your opponent from taking prizes. This is done by Mienshao’s Aero Turn attack which does 40 damage for a single Fighting energy. Once the attack is performed then Mienshao and all cards attached are returned back to you hand. You can then put a Robo Substitute or a Mienfoo with a Focus Slash in the active. Once these two things happen then the prize denial will start. Your opponent will be unable to knock out the active Mienfoo because of the Focus Slash and if they do knock out the Robo Substitute then they will be unable to take a prize. You will then evolve the active Mienfoo with the Focus Slash into a Mienshao and use Aero Turn again to return Mienshao and the Focus Slash back to your hand. This will also get rid of any damage that was on Mienshao from the previous turn. If you need to put something in the active after a Robo Substitute or Mienfoo is knocked out then put in Hawlucha so you can prepare a Mienshao to attack again.

Playing this deck involves some smart thinking and knowing when to play defensive and offensive. The matches may be long but if you play your cards right then your opponent will be unable to turn the battle into their favor with all the turns you are giving them. The best part of this deck is that it is cheap to make!

Watch the video below to see the Mienshao/Hawlucha deck in action!

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