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TCG Jump: Featured Match- NEW ROGUE: Talonflame BREAK deck!

Time to break out a rouge deck!

This week on TCG Jump we are going rouge with a deck played by Tablemon! How will he do this? By breaking out a deck featuring Talonflame BREAK!

Talonflame BREAK wants to blitz into battle by going right into battle. This can happen thanks to Talonflame’s Gale Wings ability. This ability allows it to be place into the active position if it Talonflame was in your opening hand. That will give you enough time to search out Fletchling and grab what you need with Aero Blitz.

The fun actually begins when you get Talonflame BREAK on your second turn. Once you have done that then you can start attaching Burning Energy which will be used to fuel Flare Blitz. This attack will hit your opponent’s Pokemon for 150 damage which will knockout anything in the early game. You may need to discard all the energy on your active Talonflame BREAK but if there is a Burning Energy on it then it won’t be so bad.

Watch the battle below to see how Tablemon uses Talonflame BREAK to blitz his way towards victory against a popular BREAK deck.

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