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TCG Jump: Featured Match- Raichu Break!

Raichu Break
It is time to break the bolts and make some sparks fly! This week on TCG Jump, we are going to feature a match from A Blue Golf Ball where he is going to be using Raichu BREAK. He will be using this card to drop thunders all over the place to take knock outs with this thunder god. How many times will he make lightning strike twice on the newly redesigned Pokemon Trading Card Game Online?

A Blue Golf Ball has planned for a few ways to make sure that Raichu BREAK is always ready to make lighting rain. He has Octillery with the Abyssal Hand ability to keep going deep into his deck. There is Magnezone’s Magnetic Circuit to always keep the electricity moving to reload Raichu to keep dropping Grand Bolts on any 170 HP EX Pokemon that gets in his way.

This deck has only one purpose and it is to get Raichu BREAK in the active to start breaking the game with it’s mad bolts. Watch the video below to see how Raichu BREAK can make the sparks fly!

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