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Team GO Rocket Takeover! Shadow Raids Coming!

Shadow Gyms
Team GO Rocket may have been active lately but that was only the beginning!

It looks as if Team GO Rocket are back and up to big trouble! And this time it is with a new feature and event! All of this starting today! Monday, May 22nd!

Shadow Raids!

Team GO Rocket have now found out how to take over Gyms! Not only that but they will also be able to leave Shadow Pokemon at them. It is up to brave trainers to stand up to Team GO Rocket and reclaim these gyms by taking part in Shadow Raids!

Shadow Raids will feature powerful Shadow Pokemon! From Legendary Shadow Pokemon to various other Shadow Pokemon. Though, you will need to gather your friends to take on these powerful new foes!

You can expect to see Shadow Pokemon in Three and Five Star Raids. Though, not all gyms will be taken over by Team GO Rocket. That way you can still challenge gyms and normal Raids. Though, watch out for the Pokemon you face in Shadow Raids. These Shadow Pokemon will grow enraged as you battle them. This will give them a boost in Attack and Defense.

Please note that you can not use Remote Raid Passes to challenge Shadow Raids.

Shadow Raids will have a new reward upon battling Shadow Pokemon. A new item called Shadow Shards. This new item is a mysterious gem piece that can be dropped by Team GO Rocket. If you gathered enough shards then you can use Professor Willow’s new invention, the Shard Refiner. This will then get you a Purified Gem.

These Purified Gems will give you a few boosts during a Shadow Raid. One of the boosts will allow you to temporarily lower then Attack and Defense of a boss at a Shadow Raid.

You will be able to use more than one Purified Gem during a Shadow Raid. There will also be opportunities to attack the effects of Purified Gems.

The use of Purified Gems will allow you to subdue a Shadow Raid Boss and put it in a non-enraged state. This will hopefully give you the edge you need to defeat the boss.

Raising Shadows Event

With the introduction of Shadow Raids in Pokemon GO, will mark the start of the Raising Shadows event. Starting today, Monday, May 22nd at 10PM to Sunday, May 28th 8PM.

During this event, you will see the introduction of Shadow Raids. Starting off the new Shadow Raids will be Shadow Mewtwo. If you are lucky then you will be able to encounter Shiny Shadow Mewtwo!

As an additional bonus, you will see Team GO Rocket appear more often at PokeStops and Balloons. There will also be a Field Research focusing on defeating Team GO Rocket and catching Pokemon.

Below are what you can see in Shadow Raids during the Raising Shadows event.

Five Star Shadow Raids
Shadow Mewtwo*

Three Star Shadow Raids
Shadow Bayleef
Shadow Quilava
Shadow Croconaw
Shadow Sneasel*

One Star Shadow Raids
Shadow Poliwag*
Shadow Machop
Shadow Bellsprout
Shadow Beldum*

Wild Encounters
Hisuian Qwilfish

*Indicate that it could be found as Shiny.

Best of luck in tackling the Shadows!

Source: Pokemon GO

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