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Temporal Forces Prerelease Promos! This Weekend!

Temporal Forces Prereleases
It is Prerelease Weekend!

The next Pokemon TCG set, Temporal Forces, is coming! And you can get a sneak peek of this new set! Ancient and Future faces off once again! With powerful cards on both sides!

And you can get a peek at these new cards at Temporal Forces Prereleases that are happening. To help you build an awesome deck for your Temporal Force Prereleases, you can do it with four amazing prerelease promos that come with each Build and Battle Kit.

Here are the Temporal Forces Prerelease promos to be release this weekend: Feraligatr, Metang, Koraidon and Miraidon.


If you want to do some massive damage then Feraligatr is the Pokemon you want. It’s Torrential Heart ability will let you put five damages counters on it. Though, it will allow Feraligatr to do an extra 120 damage that turn. That means you can use Feraligatr’s Giant Wave attack to do 280 damage for two Water Energy.


You want to get some Metal Energy on the field then Metang will be the Pokemon you want. Metal Maker allows you to look at the top four cards of your deck. If you see any Basic Metal Energy then attach them to your Pokemon how you see fit. This could help power up any Metal type Pokemon that have some strong attacks.


Heading the Army of Ancient Pokemon is Koraidon. This Pokemon wants to lead the army while having a full bench of Ancient Pokemon so Primordial Beatdown can do more damage. This attack does 30 times the number of Ancient Pokemon you have in play.


Miraidon will be leading the Forces of the Future with plenty of support. The Peak Acceleration attack will allow you to attach two Basic Energy from your deck to your Future Pokemon in any way you want. That way you can strike with one of your stronger Future Pokemon in the very near future!

Best of luck at any Prereleases you attend this weekend. Temporal Forces Prereleases are happening the weekends from March 9th to March 17th.

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