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#ThankYouGameFreak Trends on Twitter

Game Freak
In the darkest time is when the light shines the brightest.

Things have been pretty tough for Pokemon and Game Freak for the last few months. This is mostly due to the criticism from negative fans about the news where not all Pokemon will be in Sword & Shield data. It is rumored that this criticism has started to hurt moral at Game Freak offices and now words has gotten out to the internet. Because of this, it has started a trend on Twitter called “#ThankYouGameFreak. Below is one of the earliest tweets from the trend.

From there, this tweet has been retweeted and inspired many people to thank Game Freak in an attempt to help raise the company spirits. Below we have picked a few good tweets from people thanking Game Freak for all their hard work on the Pokemon franchise.

A Jump Start for Thanks

MysticUmbreon was one of the bigger Twitter accounts that got #ThankYouGameFreak trending. He decided to thank Game Freak for the countless hours of him enjoying Pokemon as a child. He and many others have used Pokemon as the bright spot in their tough childhood. After all, Pokemon is filled with many great things that can make us happy. From the victory of a tough battle to seeing your best friends.

Thank you for Art

Below are some of the many fans thanking Game Freak for inspiriting their artistic passions.

RJ Palmer went from making fan art of realistic Pokemon to working on Detective Pikachu. It all started in a trailer and now he gets to work in art all thanks to Pokemon.

It sounds like Doodlelot has a lot to thanks Game Freak for. These pieces of art are amazing! All of these from just little creatures on a small screen. The passion can be seen in their designs!

Jana is another person who is thanking Game Freak for their passion for art! They even decided to show their art grow! You can see their art from 2008 to now and it is amazing! You can tell that as their love for Pokemon grew that so did their art! It is amazing how Pokemon can spark such amazing pieces of art!

Thank You for the Connections

Pokemon has become an amazing way to connect with other people. Just read the tweets below.

Celes and Jolly both have something in common when it comes to Pokemon. It was the one thing that has been with them since childhood. Pokemon is the one thing that keeps them pushing so hard when it comes to their podcast. It is now something that they can share with the kids in their life.

Jolly with his daughter.

Celes with her niece and nephew.

Such an amazing reason to love and thank Game Freak.

One of the things that Pokemon has been pushing with recent games is making the character look more like you. They have went beyond just “Are you a boy or a girl?” Now you can have your character look like you to your skin, hair and eye color. Your true self can finally come out in Pokemon.

And that is something Bonaneh is thankful for. Just the simple addition of asking “What is your style?” can mean so much to so many people.

Pokemon can be used to grow closer to your own family members. MegaNymphia used Pokemon to connect with her brother. Now they collect Pokemon collectables at Portland Retro Game Expo.

Thanks for the Hobby

Pokemon can be used as a hobby. Who would have thunk? But it is a hobby that is fun.

What do the people above all have in common? They all create content thanks to Pokemon.

From podcasts, music and to videos. Pokemon inspired Lumiose Trainer Zac, Fiddledo, Dozer PokeStir, and ZoeTwoDots to learn a skill. Make content and share it with the world. Now many people all over the internet are enjoying what they make and it makes these content creators happy. It is hard work but it is all worth it. All of this is thanks to the inspiration and bravery that Pokemon has given them.

Thank You for Friends

There are countless tweets thanking Game Freak for helping them make friends with Pokemon. These are only a few of them. Each one of them with the same message.

Thank you for the friends.

If you want to see more fans thanking Game Freak for Pokemon then check out the ThankYouGameFreak hashtag. There will be plenty of tweets there to help brighten your mood and get you excited for another adventure in the Galar Region.

Before you leave, here is one more ThankYouGameFreak for your next adventure.

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