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It’s time for a remix, Pokémon Café ReMix!

They’re serving up and dishing out a variety of changes!

Pokémon Café Mix, the touch-based puzzle game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, is getting a revamp this fall, along with a new name—Pokémon Café ReMix. Updates will include new puzzle elements, more Pokémon, new dress-up options, and more ways of growing and developing staff Pokémon.

Pokémon are now able to eat the delicious meals prepared for them, making them more friendly and more willing to become staff Pokémon. New puzzle skills that will make it easier to clear puzzles will also be introduced in Pokémon Café ReMix, as well as the ability to combine megaphones to make them more powerful. Golden acorns collected in Pokémon Café Mix will transfer to Pokémon Café ReMix.

This is all pretty big news since as it stands, Café Mix has some pretty challenging puzzles and hasn’t seen a major update in quite a while. So far, only Eevee, Pikachu, and Lucario have had alternate costume, most of which are locked behind paywalls. It’s not clear at this time of the new costumes are just aesthetic or if they’ll provide new benefits like the alt costumes for Pikachu, Eevee, and Lucario currently do. This update also seems to address the complaint of how hard it is to recruit certain customers at higher levels with the new delicious meals mechanic, which is much appreciated.

Finally, if you look closely, you can already see glimpses of some of the new customers looking to join your staff in the future, including Cyndaquil, Sudowoodo, Sneasel, Greninja, Rowlet, and Oshawott. While I can’t speculate much on how the others will be added, I suspect that Cyndaquil, Rowlet, and Oshawott will likely be future event customers meant to hype up the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, as they are the starters of that game. This also might mean we’ll see more from the regular Sinnoh starters as well as we get closer to the release of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as you can also spy Chimchar in the trailer, but only time will tell.

You can watch the new trailer for yourself down below.

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