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Top 5 Pokemon Comics This Week – May 21

Pokemon Professors In A Nutshell

“I’m a professor. I know that people in research labs can do miraculous things if they’re given the resources.” ~Randy Pausch

Please note that the selection is based solely on the opinion of Pokemon Comics feature writers. If you feel that a comic really amazed you this week, feel free to post about it in the comments!

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#1. Evosium

(Warning: Language)

Professor Rowan is the only professor who can fight Arceus…

… and win.


“… upside-down with a washing machine!” ~Elle

#3. An Alien Caper 2: K-9 Division

And so ends another amazing Pokemon Comic.

Perhaps our heroes can finally live happily ever after.

#4. Pokemon: Rising Shadows

Hope, like Spring, is a fire that burns within. Thawing the ice that grasps the heart.

#5. The Silver League

That Feebas is amazingly strong!
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