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U.S. Pokemon National Champions Crowned


This past weekend in Indianapolis was the U.S. Pokemon National tournament. Players from the Trading Card Game and Video Game side of Pokemon all gathered to test their skill to see who was the best in the country. By the end of the weekend, only one person was crowned the Champion within their division.

Check out the Champions after the break!

Trading Card Game Champions

Master TCG Champion- Edmund Kuras (Gothitelle/Accelgor)
Senior TCG Champion- Calvin Connor (Plasma Box)
Junior TCG Champion- Carson St. Denis (Plasma Box)

Video Game Champions

Master VGC Champion- Gavin Michaels (Anti-Meta Game)
Senior VGC Champion- Paul Chua (Rain Team Variant)
Junior VGC Champion- Beau Berg (Sandstorm Team)

Congratulations to the champions and everybody who competed at Nationals. Champions are awarded prizes such as: First place trophy, an invitation to Worlds tournament, Champion Points, and Travel Award for winner and parent/legal guardian to Worlds tournament.

All that is left is the Worlds Tournament on August 10th in Vancouver, Canada. Best of luck to everybody who is planning to compete.


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