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VIDEO: A Brief History of the Pokemon Center New York

History of Pokemon Center NY
Have you ever wanted to take a peek into the Pokemon Center in New York City?

The problem is that you can’t anymore. What was once the dream destination for Pokemon fans across the United States is no longer around. This store was the place-to-be for any Pokemon fan. It was the location where you knew you could get your next favorite piece of Pokemon merchandise. Even if you didn’t buy anything, you still would have left with a smile on your face.

While, you can’t visit this location anymore. We have found the one video that will get you inside this famed Pokemon location.

Today, join us as we feature a video from Snellby Reviews going over the history of Pokemon Center New York. Not only will you get to see what was inside the only Pokemon Center in the United States. You will get to learn about it’s history and even see the design concepts of this premiere Pokemon destination. This video promises to show you even merchandise that was once exclusive to the store. Some that you may have never knew existed!

So take break and get ready to enter a place that you may have never thought you will get to see. The store that Pokemon fans dream of going into. A look into history of the once beloved and dream destination for any Pokemon fan back then and now.

Let’s watch this video going over the history of the Pokemon Center New York.

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