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VIDEO: Can You Beat Pokemon Crystal Using Only Baby Pokemon?

Baby Pokemon
It is Baby Pokemon versus the world!

You may have seen people do Nuzlockes. Perhaps even some people do randomizers. There are even others who attempted to do mono-type runs. All of this to make beating a Pokemon game harder. Though, have you seen a person beat a game with just using Baby Pokemon?

Then get ready because the video that we are showing off today features just that! Baby Pokemon going all the way to the top of Mt. Silver in Pokemon Crystal! Or, at least trying to.

Today we are featuring a video by Chilln Play where he is taking on Pokemon Crystal with just a bunch of Baby Pokemon! No healing allow. Simply just battling all the gym leaders and Pokemon League using Baby Pokemon. How will this team of Baby Pokemon handle this? You will be surprise! Just watch the video below to find out how Chilln Play does this.

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