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VIDEO: Can you get TRAPPED in Every Pokemon Game?

Trap in Pokemon games
Have you ever thought if it was possible to get trapped in a Pokemon game?

Of course I am not talking about Sword Art Online, or for those older who remember hack//SIGN, way of being trapped. After all, we can’t put our mind into a Pokemon game.


What I am talking about is getting softlocked in a Pokemon game. Of course most people know about that one trade in Diamond and Pearl where you get stuck on an island. Everybody knows that one! It is even mention in the video that I am spotlighting today.

Though, did you know about the other way to get softlocked in Diamond and Pearl.

Wait. You didn’t? What about getting softlocked in Ruby & Sapphire? Gold and Silver? Black and White…?

Well, today I have the video for you! Check out this video from Tales of Karim where they go over all the ways you can get softlocked, or trapped, in a Pokemon game. Some as in recent as Generation 6! You would think Pokemon would find ways to keep this from happening but…here is this video. Enjoy!

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