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VIDEO: The Cancelled 14th Pokémon TCG Set – Jamboree

Have you ever heard of the Pokemon TCG set Jamboree?

Most likely no. That is because this TCG set was cancelled and never released to the public at all!

And boy! Was this going to be a jamboree of a set! As it was going to be Wizards of the Coast attempt to release tons of previously unreleased cards to the US market. Meanwhile release cards that they had made themselves. Cards that haven’t been released in Japan!

Today we have a video by Matoba Design. They go over the entire history of what was to be the final and 14th Pokemon TCG set that Wizards of the Coast was going to release. From the initial idea to all the plans that was made for Jamboree. Though, what makes this history video and overall different from other pieces about this topic is what Matobe Design has done. They have gotten snippets and quotes from people who actually worked at Wizards at the time to bring Pokemon cards to the United States. Some of the things you will see are cards that Wizards made to be release as part of Jamboree and what may have actually happen to them.

Then there is the fallout of when Wizards finally got word that they will no longer distribute the Pokemon TCG. You will want to hear about this.

If you are a Pokemon TCG history buff then you will want to watch this video. There are so many things that you didn’t know regarding Jamboree, Wizard’s thoughts on the Pokemon TCG and so much more. Just watch.

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