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VIDEO: #eLight4 Video Album

. elight4
Today you are challenge by the elight4!

To accept this challenge then we suggest you take a listen to this amazing video album by James Lighter called #eLight4!

This video album features remixes, video and guitar arrangements by James Lighter. Each piece promise to take you on a journey through the Pokemon world. You will start off with memories of the start of your journey with “Cynthia Wakes Up”. Perhaps you will be reminded of your ride on the SS Anne with “The SS Anne Band.” Maybe you will receive flashbacks to your favorite gym leader thanks to “Misty”.

Overall, this video album by James Lighter will surely take you on a journey. Go ahead and give this album a listen and watch. You can start this by clicking on the video below to get started on this journey of a playlist.

If you like what you are hearing then make sure to check out James Lighter’s channel tomorrow to hear the final track to the #eLight4 video album.

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