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VIDEO: Players of Color and The Pokemon Trading Card Game Community

Rainbow Robbie
Today we are showing a video that is well worth watching.

We are currently in a time where we are having the discussion about how African Americans are being treated by other people. The subject is quite important and needs to be discuss. This range from how people of color are being treated by the police to in public.

Because of recent events, we have decided to look into another area where African Americans may be treated differently. In this case it is in the Pokemon Trading Card Community.

Today we are looking at a video by Robbie from Rainbow Rocket. He goes over his experience of being an African American in the Pokemon TCG. The struggles and challenges he faced starting playing the game. He also speaks about how people treated him differently as he became a competitive player and eventually going into content creation.

There is so many things to think about when it comes to being African American and entering a game that not many may understand. Please give this video a watch. It may be an hour long but well worth the listen.

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