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VIDEO- Pokemon Character Study: Wally

Happy Monday PXRers! I hope you are ready to learn a lot about a certain character that has been with the series for awhile. You may have known him as the sickly trainer who never gave up. Others may know him as that kid with the Ralts. Today we are showcasing a video from Mr Buddy where he is talking about Wally!

Mr Buddy has done a character study about Wally in all his incarnations in the Pokemon series. He does a great job in breaking down Wally from his appearances in RSE, ORAS, the anime, TCG and manga. What can we learn about Wally just by walking around his room? Has this trainer always had his eyes on a grand adventure outside his bedroom? How much has Wally changed from Gen3 and Gen6? Is Wally an unsung hero? Prepare to learn the answers to these questions and more as Mr Buddy take you through a journey to discover Wally!

Watch the video below to learn about Wally!

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