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VIDEO: Pokémon: The Devolving Designs

Devolving Design
Are Pokemon designs getting worst?

They may not have gotten worst but there is a clear difference between Pokemon from Generation 1 and Generation 7. What is it? Is it because there are more people working on designs for Game Freak? The lost of a principal that the designers had back in 1996?

Today we have a video by Totally Not Mark. He brings on Tom O’Regan to help answer these questions and more. Mark goes over the timeline of how many designers that Game Freak has hired and some of the most important designers. After all, not all the Pokemon were designed by Ken Sugimori. You will also get to see Mark try to redesign the new Galar Starters to be more like the original designs from Generation 1.

Watch the video below and share your thoughts about Pokemon designs. Also, make sure to check out the other videos that Mark has made by clicking here.

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