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VIDEO: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire Music Medley

RS Remix
Get ready for a trip around Hoenn like you haven’t heard before!

That is because today we have a video by Dr. Pez VGM! The doctor and his friends have taken some of your favorite songs from the Hoenn region and remix them in a way you haven’t heard them before! Dr. Pez and friends use all kinds of instruments such as guitars, keyboards, accordions and even vocals! And you can expect plenty of brass.

It is really great to watch and listen to this video. Dr. Pez features seventeen amazing song from the Ruby & Sapphire games. He even uses visuals from the locations and battles that those songs were used in. You are really taking a tour of the Hoenn region when you are playing this video.

Take a look at this amazing video below!

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