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VIDEO: I Turned My Battlebot into a Pokemon!!!

Battlebots Ivysaur
Giant mechanical Ivysaur?

Totally possible and has been done! That is because Battlebots favorite and competitive robot builder, Team Skorpios, has made it happen!

Team Skorpios is currently busy competing in the 2021 Battlebots World Championships with hopes to win the Giant Nut. They are surely taking part in plenty of robot battles with their big blue robot with a hammer saw for a tail. Though, they have took some time from the busy competition to show everybody the time they made their Battlebot into a Pokemon. In this case, it was Ivysaur!

Go ahead and watch this video to see how Team Skorpios made their Battlebot into a Pokemon. Then what happen when they had it run around at San Diego Comic Con! It is pretty amazing at how it all turns out with all con goers going insane at the slight of a robot Ivysaur! You will be even more impress at the fact that this Battlebot-turn-Pokemon also has a cooler!

What do you think of this amazing feat? Let us know in the comments after you watch this video!

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