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Villains to Take Over Jump Festa

Jump festa
Get ready for a Rainbow Rocket attack!

This year’s Jump Festa will have some unwelcome guest. That is because Team Rainbow Rocket is going to crash the party!

According to the Japanese Pokemon Twitter account, Rainbow Rocket will be attacking the convention.

The tweet says that former bosses from previous organizations will be staging an attack on Jump Festa. Gorgeous actors will be taking part in this event. All of this will be taking place on one of the stage events at Jump Festa. Perhaps Rainbow Rocket is planning a hostage situation with the actors?

Jump Festa is an annual event to celebrate all things Shonen Jump during the year. This massive convention is the place to be if you are a fan of One Piece, Naruto or any Jump property. There is always visits from manga-ka, actors and celebrity guest. This year’s Jump Festa will take part from Friday, December 15th to 17th. There are no details on when the Rainbow Rocket attack will take place.

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