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Weekly Article – Poké Ball Transfer

Look at all those Poké Balls! Which would you choose for your favourite Pokémon?

There was an interesting topic I read about the other day, and that is the mentioned topic on transferring a Pokémon from one Poké Ball into another. This is something I never thought about, because I always thought that whatever Poké Ball a Pokémon is caught in is assigned to that Poké Ball. Since this is not possible in-game, nobody would have thought of if it could be possible. Therefore, this is our topic of today.

If you are ready to go, then let’s get on with this article!


Advantages of Transfer

There are always advantages to any idea, such as trainer customisation allowing for greater individuality in every trainer, or trainers having their Pokémon following them allowing them to bond with their favourites better. This one is no different, and perhaps this could be a possible idea in the future. The reason this might not get it is that there doesn’t seem to be any demand for it as far as I can see, though I might be wrong on this.

Transferring a Pokémon to a different Poké Ball allows for a greater deal of customisation. In case you don’t like your starter being in an ordinary Poké Ball, you could do this to get them into better-looking ones like the Premier Ball or perhaps a custom-made Ball specifically made to be transferred to.

The ability to get a Pokémon into another desired Poké Ball also solves the inherent problem that some Poké Balls are not as effective as others. Net Balls, Dusk Balls and Timer Balls offer a great catch rate, but maybe you don’t want to put them in those because they might not fit that Pokémon. Maybe you want your Kyogre in the Level Ball, but you don’t have the patience to keep using it, or you have a rare Poké Ball that you cannot waste (Master Ball is a major example), so with this, you can use the best possible capture method and put them in the desired Poké Ball. It’s a win-win situation!

Perhaps the Poké Ball eventually succumbed to damage, which would be a problem since you always throw those on the ground. After all, all that throwing would even accumulate the damage, though it seems resistant to damage that it will be happen a long time. The ability to transfer a Pokémon into another Poké Ball would be helpful in this case, if you don’t want to deal with the problem of them potentially running wild or occupying a lot of space.

These are some of the advantages being able to transfer Pokémon can afford, but surely it’s not going to be all that easy to do this, since there might be some problems involved.


Challenges with the Transfer

Transferring Pokémon might not be easy. After all, it had been shown that throwing Poké Balls on a captured Pokémon won’t work. In the games, it is shown that the trainer deflects any threats of Poké Ball, but the anime simple show the Pokémon being unable to be captured, probably because someone’s Pokémon aren’t necessarily together with them at that time. This is for the better, considering how easily Pokémon are captured, and this security measure ensures that nobody’s Pokémon accidentally get captured.

One could argue that by breaking the Poké Ball, followed by recapturing them, then you can use them in another Poké Ball. It’s one way of doing it, but the thing is, the Pokémon might not necessarily enjoy it there. Therefore, there is the possibility they might break out of the ball, which equates to wasting it. Their lack of an intangible leash also means that they are free to escape, so this is a huge problem that is risky to do, meaning expert help is required.

A machine that allows for Poké Ball transfer is one safe way of transferring Pokémon to another Poké Ball, similar to using a machine to trade Pokémon to trade ownership. This might probably cost the trainer some money to do, or perhaps have a limit on how many times it’s done, so that constant transfers are discouraged. Maybe it would cost more money if you use better Poké Balls and have a Pokémon that’s hard to capture, which would balance things out.

There is the possibility that someone steal a Pokémon from someone, and then transferring that Pokémon into their Poké Ball to reduce suspicion. This is one difficult problem to solve mainly because it depends on whether that Pokémon have a deep bond with the original trainer. Having a deep bond would solve the problem more easily. This is why it’s important thing to keep a record on what previous Poké Ball was used to store that Pokémon, because having records like this is one way to knowing if you done this before, and of course, to help reduce the crime of Pokémon theft.


That’s my take on the possibility of transferring a Pokémon into another Poké Ball. What are your thoughts on Poké Ball-transferring? Please reveal your thoughts on this in the comments. I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I have writing it.

Thanks for reading.

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