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Winter English TCG Set Reveal! Cosmic Eclipse!

Cosmic Eclipse
Get ready to go to cosmic levels in the final Sun & Moon TCG set!

The name for November’s English TCG set will be called Cosmic Eclipse. This set will have over 230 cards with plenty of secret rares. The feature Pokemon for this set will be Pialga & Palkia & Arceus GX.

This set is expected to be the final English TCG set for the Sun & Moon block. Cosmic Eclipse will be composed of the Japanese TCG sets Remix Bout, Dream League, and Alter Genesis.

There are going to be plenty of amazing cards coming out in Cosmic Eclipse. When it comes to Tag Team Pokemon then trainers can expect to see cards like Venusaur & Snivy GX, Braixen & Charizard GX, Blastoise & Piplup GX, Solgaleo & Lunala GX, and a Tag Team trio of Dialga & Palkia & Arceus GX. These Tag Team Pokemon will make up five out of nine of the Tag Team Pokemon in the set. There will also be seven regular GX Pokemon, the first Tag Team Support card, twenty Trainer cards and one new Special Energy card.

We only know of one Tag Team Support card from Cosmic Eclipse, Red & Blue. All that is known is that this card will have one normal effect but if you complete the additional conditions then you can use a stronger secondary effect.

As mention before, Cosmic Eclipse will be the final English TCG set. It is speculated that the first set for Generation 8, Sword & Shield base set, will be release in Japan during December. That means the set will release in English during February 2020.

Remix Bout has already been release in Japan. Dream League is expected to be release in Japan on August 2nd. Lastly, Alter Genesis is expected to be release on September 6th in Japan.

Cosmic Eclipse is going to be release in America on November 1st.

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