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Winter’s ‘League Cup’ Prizes to be Shipped

League Cups
News about the prize support for League Cups have been announced.

Play! Pokemon has recently release a statement regarding prizes and promos for Winter League Cups. A warehouse issue that has prevented the shipment from arriving before the start of League Cups. These tournaments have already started and because of the delay the items will be shipped to participants.

Players are being asked to update and/or insure their contact information is up to date on their Play! Pokemon accounts. A participation promo card will be sent to players who took part in a League Cup while Champion playmats will be sent to winners.

Below was the statement from Play! Pokemon.

As you may be aware, the promotional materials and prizes support for the Winter Season League Cup have been unfortunately delayed. Our intent was for the product to be shipped before the holiday break, but an unforeseen issue with our warehouses prevented these orders from being fulfilled in a timely manner. We understand that this is unacceptable to both our Players, and to you, our Organizers; we are making every effort to resolve this error in the most efficient way possible.

Because League Cup events have already occurred, we have decided to change the way players will receive their participation promo cards and Champion playmats. Rather than asking organizers to bear the brunt of making sure that these goodies are processed and shipped to their players, POP (Pokémon Organized Play) will be handing this process directly.

Specifically, this means that POP will be tracking all Winter Season League Cups as they continue to be run and reported. We will use the data from these reports combined with player data from each player’s TCA (Trainer Club Account) to ship the appropriate support.

Any player who has been reported in a Winter Season League Cup who also has a valid shipping address as part of their TCA will be shipped the appropriate promo card.

The players who had the best record in each age division at Winter Season League Cup who also has a valid shipping address as part of their TCA will be shipped the appropriate playmat as well as their participation promo card.

As we process support we will add the Tournament IDs to a list below so that players and organizers can confirm that their event has been taken care of.

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We thank you for your patience and understanding, and for your continued support of the Play! Pokémon program.

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