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World’s ‘Weirdest’ Pokemon Collection


Is this the world’s weirdest Pokemon collection? A recent article on Kinja claims just that.

The author of the article, a user named Pandaman, thus commented on his seemingly exotic collection. He stated, “But what I had back in the late 90’s, outside of an extremely enabling mother, was probably the weirdest and widest set of Pokemon merchandise ever compiled.”

Now, lo and behold his Pokemon collection!


First, the games, the original ‘Pokeman’ merchandise.

Now, we can’t forget the original Hasbro Pokemon toys!

Next, Pokemon knockoff Pez Dispensers, complete with in-store packaging and refills.


Pokemon-themed office supplies–they still come in handy!

Two cases of Pokemon sugar balls…wynaut?

Pokemon party supplies…is someone turning eight? Or twenty-two?

And finally, last but not least…a collection of amusing Pokemon merchandise, from Pokemon Monopoly to Pokemon Cereal!

Check out the full collection on Kinja:

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