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    Blaquaza's Sprite Shack

    Hi, I've gotten back into spriting lately so I thought I'd make this thread to include some of my past and present sprites!

    Sword and Shield:

    Some of these might be getting tweaked (by me or other spriters) and used as part of Smogon's Sword and Shield sprite project!

    Beta Pokémon:

    Beta Pokémon is a field that's always fascinated me, and the Spaceworld demo leaking was a treasure trove of information! I got some of those sprites and redid them in the style of DS games, and then for the ones outside of that beta, I had to be a little more creative. :D


    That last one is a project I spent a while on, I did lots of fusions of 4+ Pokémon and made a regional dex out of them. Starters were fused together, regional birds, electric rodents, legendaries, any archetype and then in some cases there were branched evolution or type-based mass fusions. It was really fun to work on. Reddit mods took my post down at first because they thought some of them were original Fakemon!

    Retro Edits:

    - I tried making Ambipom resemble Aipom a little more.
    - Some people hate rings on designs (I don't) but here's Camerupt without them.
    - This was largely based off the Gen I/Gen IV design swap picture.
    - This one is the worst one.

    I tried editing Pokémon to see how they might have looked in previous generations. They're probably all way off because I mostly focused on eye design and colour schemes, but it's a fun little side project.

    - Stonix, an Onix pre-evolution. Rock/Ground.
    - Kangaskid, a Kangaskhan pre-evolution. Normal.
    - Iciqueen, a Jynx evolution that needs editing so it's more unique. Ice/Psychic.
    - Laprice, a Lapras pre-evolution. The old sprite is basically Shellos and the newer (but still old) one isn't much better. Water/Ice.
    - Champeon, Emisseon and Garudeon - Eeveelutions. Fighting, Poison and Flying respectively.
    - Terreon, Wyveon and Section - old, bad fusion sprites for Eeveeolutions. Ground, Dragon and Bug respectively.
    - Skimazu, an alternate Surskit evolution. Bug/Water.
    - Calaba, a joint Plusle/Minun pre-evolution. Electric.
    - Decimaul, another Calaba evolution. Electric/Fighting (Plusle and Minun were retyped to Electric/Psychic and Electric/Fairy respectively).
    - Duplicute, another Calaba evolution. Electric/Ground.
    - Iviny, a Carnivine pre-evolution. Grass.
    - Zebresla, a Zebstrika evolution that looks more like a Mega. Electric/Dark.
    -Ampega, an Emolga evolution. Electric/Flying.

    I've got way more evolution ideas, but designing and spriting them is no easy task. Apart from Skimazu, these are all quite old sprites.

    Fake Megas:
    - Mega Vileplume. Grass/Cosmic.
    - Mega Persian. Normal/Rock.
    - Mega Golem. Rock/Steel.
    - Mega Lapras. Water/Grass.
    - Mega Snorlax. Normal.
    - Mega Dragonite. Dragon/Water.
    - Mega Meganium. Grass/Psychic.
    - Mega Jumpluff. Grass/Flying.
    - Mega Slowking. Water/Sound.
    - Mega Granbull. Fairy/Fighting.
    - Mega Shedinja. Bug/Ghost.
    - Mega Chimecho. Psychic/Sound.
    - Mega Weavile. Dark/Ice.
    - Mega Togekiss. Fairy/Flying.
    - Mega Sawsbuck. Normal/Grass.

    I know there's a bias towards the early generations in these sprites, but there were more Megas planned, I just never got around to spriting them. :D

    Fake Forms:
    - Unown's , Form. Psychic.
    - Unown's . Form. Psychic.
    - Burmy's Snowy Form. Bug.
    - Wormadam's Snowy Form. Bug/Ice.
    - Shellos' Northern Form. Water. Evolves into Water/Ice (Gastrodon East is now Water/Grass).
    - Shellos' Southern Form. Water. Evolves into Water/Fire. Top right mimics Shellos' other Shinies, bottom left is my idea of a Shiny.
    - Arceus' Cosmic Form. Cosmic.
    - Arceus' Sound Form. Sound.

    These were all Forms that were going to be added into the same game as the Fakemon and Megas, with Cosmic and Sound being the new types we were including.

    Delta Forms:
    - Delta Ekans. Electric.
    - Delta Arbok. Electric.
    - Delta Tentacool. Cosmic/Ground.
    - Delta Tentacruel. Cosmic/Ground.
    - Delta Koffing. Fire.
    - Delta Weezing. Fire.
    - Delta Omanyte. Fairy/Bug.
    - Delta Omastar. Fairy/Bug.
    - Delta Kabuto. Psychic/Bug.
    - Delta Kabutops. Psychic/Bug.
    - Delta Snorlax. Ground/Ice.
    - Delta Hoothoot. Normal/Ice.
    - Delta Noctowl. Normal/Ice.
    - Delta Togepi. Ghost.
    - Delta Togetic. Ghost/Rock.
    - Delta Natu. Cosmic/Sound.
    - Delta Xatu. Cosmic/Sound.
    - Delta Wooper. Grass.
    - Delta Quagsire. Grass/Ghost.
    - Delta Remoraid. Fairy/Dragon.
    - Delta Octillery. Fairy/Dragon.
    - Delta Zigzagoon. Poison.
    - Delta Linoone. Poison/Electric.
    - Delta Whismur. Fighting/Water.
    - Delta Loudred. Fighting/Water.
    - Delta Exploud. Fighting/Water.
    - Delta Volbeat. Flying/Dark.
    - Delta Illumise. Flying/Ghost.
    - Delta Wailmer. Flying.
    - Delta Wailord. Flying/Cosmic.
    - Delta Spoink. Steel/Dark.
    - Delta Grumpig. Steel/Dark.
    - Delta Trapinch. Grass (evolves into Grass/Flying).
    - Delta Drifloon. Fire/Steel.
    - Delta Drifblim. Fire/Steel.
    - Delta Spiritomb. Rock/Psychic.
    - Delta Munchlax. Ground/Ice.
    - Delta Finneon. Fighting/Flying.
    - Delta Lumineon. Fighting/Flying.
    - Delta Togekiss. Ghost/Rock.
    - Delta Cottonee. Flying.
    - Delta Whimsicott. Flying/Water.
    - Delta Petilil. Ghost.
    - Delta Lilligant. Ghost/Cosmic.
    - Delta Helioptile. Fire.
    - Delta Heliolisk. Fire/Cosmic.

    For A Game:

    - This one here's basically my personal mascot!

    - I was toying around with a concept of multiple type forms for every monster in a game I'm working on, and this is what came of it. The original sprite in the top left is years old.

    I'm working on a game that's basically Pokémon but not, and these are some of the critters you might be seeing if that game ever comes out! I've got way more designed and a few more sprited, but the sprites really aren't up to snuff.
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    Credits to Neo Emolga for the avatar and the banner!

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    Ahhh these all look so good! I really like the SwSh sprites you’ve done but all the fakemon ones are so cute too! I love them all! Keep t up!
    /// /
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noblejanobii View Post
    Ahhh these all look so good! I really like the SwSh sprites you’ve done but all the fakemon ones are so cute too! I love them all! Keep t up!
    Aw, thank you very much! Right now I'm working on a tileset (which I'm really not used to), so hopefully I can get some of that done soon. :D

    Credits to Neo Emolga for the avatar and the banner!

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    I really like all your delta Pokemon! I think switching types has a lot of potential, I liked how that was part of Alola forms. It's fun to see so many other options! I especially like the Munchlax and Driftblim!

    Your SwSh sprites are really cool too. Love the Sobble, so cute! I love all the beta sprites too!


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