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2015 Pokemon World Champions Winners

Worlds 2015

The 2014-2015 competitive season has finally came to a close with the conclusion of the 2015 Pokemon World Championships. The best of the best from all over the world came to Boston, Massachusetts at the chance to take the title of World Champion. Battles in both the Trading Card Game and Video Game Championships were harsh and fierce but at the end of the weekend, only one was crowned champion.

Below are the trainers who raised above the rest along with the decks and teams they played to take the title as the 2015 World Champion.

Trading Card Game
Juniors: Rowan Stavenow from Canada (Hawlucha-Landorus EX-Bats)
Seniors: Patrick Martinez from the United States (Manectric EX-Seismitoad EX-Bats)
Masters: Jacob Van Wagner from the United States (Archie’s Blastoise)

Video Game
Juniors: Kotone Yasue from Japan (Team)
Seniors: Mark McQuillan from Great Britain (Team)
Masters: Shoma Honami from Japan (Team)

There were many great battles seen on the live stream from Worlds. Everybody who competed put on an excellent show with their great decks and teams at Worlds. Congratulations to everybody who competed and to our new World Champions!

Good luck in the 2015-2016 competitive season!

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