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25th Anniversary Set and New Set for Japan!

Pokemon TCG
This Fall is going to be a celebration for the Pokemon TCG in Japan!

We have gotten news that Japan will see two new sets this fall! The first is a brand new Pokemon TCG expansion featuring Mew! The other is the much anticipated 25th Anniversary Collection.

Fusion Arts

The next main set for the Pokemon TCG in Japan will be called Fusion Arts. This new set will feature a brand new Battle Style called Fusion and will feature Mew.

Fusion will be a new addition to the Battle Style mechanic. Along with Single Strike and Rapid Strike, Fusion will make the third Battle Style added to the Pokemon TCG. Mew V and Mew VMAX will be used to promote the new Fusion Battle Style. Not much is known about the Fusion style but it is expected to tie in with Mew’s trait in the TCG to use various types of attacks.

Fusion Arts will have over 100 cards. It should also include some of the new V-Union cards that was reveal last week. Though, that is not let confirmed.

Japanese players should see Fusion Arts release on September 24th. No word on when or how this will be released around the world.

25th Anniversary Collection

The 25th Anniversary Collection will feature 28 cards. It promises to be made up for all holo cards and feature Pokemon such as Pikachu, Dialga, Palkia, Zacian, and Zamazenta.

This set promises to give a look at the twenty-five year history of the Pokemon TCG.

The 25th Anniversary Collection is one of the smallest mini-sets that has been seen in years. The reasoning for this small set is that it promises to be easy to collect for new players.

Based on future product sheets, the 25th Anniversary Collection will be release this Fall in the United States. The set will be release in 4 card booster packs and packaged in box collections similar to mini-sets in the past.

This set will be release in Japan on October 22nd.


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