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Ability of the Week: Adaptability


Hello, and welcome to the first segment of: Ability of the Week! Here, I point out key points in each ability and give examples and definitions on how to use it properly as well as what it does in the heat of battle! Our main focus this week is a simple, yet strong ability, called Adaptability! Now, you may be wondering, what is Adaptability – and why is it useful? Well, look no further!

What is Adaptability and what does it do?

In real-life terminology, Adaptability is the ability to change (or be changed) to fit changed circumstances (as seen on Word Net Web). Commonly used in social or physical groupings, it’s how one reacts to changes in their environment.

In Pokemon terminology, Adaptability is an ability only a few Pokemon have and it powers up moves the same-type as the user. Normally, same-type STAB bonuses result in a x1.5 power-boost, but in the case of Adaptability, it raises to x2., which doubles the power that a move of the same typing can do.

For example, if an Eevee used Tackle, instead of doing the normal base power, plus the STAB bonus of x1.5, it instead gets a STAB bonus of x2. — doubling it’s efforts greatly.

What Pokemon get the ability Adaptability normally?

Normally, only a select few amount of Pokemon are able to have Adaptability. These Pokemon are:

  • Eevee – Pokemon #133
  • Porygon-Z – Pokemon #474
  • Basculin – Pokemon #550
  • Mega Lucario – Pokemon #448


Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon: #133. 

This extraordinary creature is called an Eevee and one of it’s natural abilities is Adaptability. Being born with either Run Away, or the topic of our discussion, it’s a toss-up on which ability this little furball comes with. However, if one is so lucky to come into contact with an Eevee with Adaptability, they’re in for a nice display of power by this little guy. Eevee is a Normal-type Pokemon meaning that all moves with the Normal-typing will gain an extra stab of x2. power. Such moves in Eevee’s movepool are, but not limited to:

  • Tackle – base power 50.
  • Swift – base power 60.
  • Quick Attack – base power 40.
  • Covet – base power 60.
  • Last Resort – base power 140.

With such a powerful movepool, Eevee with Adaptability can lead to wondrous outcomes in Little Cup battles, as it’s not fully evolved. However, if one took an Eevee into a battle tiered against fully-evolved Pokemon, this little guy would provide as a decent support.


Porygon-Z, the Virtual Pokemon: #474.

This interesting computer-generated Pokemon is known as Porygon-Z, and it is the last in it’s evolutionary line of Porygon > Porygon2 > Porygon-Z. By evolving from trade with a Dubious Disk, this Pokemon comes naturally built with Download and Adaptability. This Pokemon has the natural typing of Normal-type, however, with *Conversion and **Conversion 2, Porygon-Z can change it’s ability in an instant, changing the game with different possibilities of STAB moves.

*Conversion – The user changes its type to become the same type as one of its moves.

**Conversion 2 – The user changes its type to make itself resistant to the type of attack the opponent used last.

With Conversion and Conversion 2 under Porygon-Z’s belt, this digitized Pokemon, along with its high Special Attack, could possibly become a major threat. Some moves in Porygon-Z’s movepool to compliment it’s Normal-type STAB possibilities are, but not limited to:

  • Tackle – base power 50.
  • Tri-Attack – base power 80.
  • Hyper Beam – base power 150.
  • Facade – base power 70.

Although Porygon-Z’s Normal-type movepool is limited, it does gain a high amount of other versatile moves to compliment its ever-changing typing when it comes to Conversion and Conversion 2.


Basculin, the Hostile Pokemon: #550.

Ahh, the fighting fish duo. Basculin are similar to the real-life betta fish in which they are very violent towards their own sex. They tend to fight when near one another – a reason why breeders and owners keep them separated. Similar to how a Basculin acts, these aggressive fish are not ones to be messed with, nor looked over. Naturally, both versions of Basculin are naturally born with Adaptability, however, each fish also has their own exclusive ability. The blue-striped Basculin has Rock Head while the red-striped Basculin has Reckless (both abilities coinciding with their dangerous behaviors). Nonetheless, our topic remains on Adaptability. With such power comes a great threat when dealing with this duo. Here are some moves that compliment both Adaptability and their Water-type which are, but not limited to:

  • Water Gun – base power 40.
  • Aqua Jet – base power 40.
  • Aqua Tail – base power 90.
  • Scald – base power 80.

With a powerful movepool, Basculin rises in the ranks as a force to be reckoned with when it has Adaptability.


Mega Lucario, the Aura Pokemon: #448.

Mega Lucario, one of the newest discoveries in the Kalos region. When Lucario equips a Lucarionite, during battle, an option comes up allowing you to ‘mega evolve’ your Pokemon — unlocking it’s potential and raising their stats incredibly. Being no exception to the mega craze, Lucario has shown why his mega form is all that and a bag of chips. With Adaptability being Mega Lucario’s sole ability it’s guaranteed that his power will ultimately be doubled no matter what (when using Steel or Fighting moves). Some moves that compliment Mega Lucario’s extreme strength are, but not limited to:

  • Close Combat – base power 120.
  • Aura Sphere – base power 80.
  • Power-Up Punch – base power 40.
  • Metal Claw – base power 50.
  • Brick Break – base power 75.

With a wide-variety of powerful moves up his sleeve (or fur), Mega Lucario proves to be a massive threat. Not only can this Pokemon punch hard he can take a hit or two himself as well. Mega Lucario is definitely a staple to any team and he absolutely proves this fact.

Are there any other Pokemon that have Adaptability abnormally?

In fact, yes, there are other Pokemon that have this very uncommon ability. How they obtain this ability is that they are found either in the Dream World (Pokemon White/Black/White 2/Black 2 exclusive) or, by obtaining these abilities in the Friend Safari (Pokemon X and Y exclusive). These abilities are normally called Hidden Abilities and they focus on the idea that they’re special and cannot be found anywhere else. In Pokemon X and Y, trainers are now able to breed these Hidden Abilities from both parents to pass it on to offspring. The only catch?

Example one, if you have two Eevee — one male, one female — and the male is the Pokemon with the Hidden Ability, then there is a 0% chance of passing the ability on to the offspring. In order to pass the ability, if using two of the same Pokemon, is to have the female carrying the unnatural ability.

Example two, if you have one Pokemon with the Hidden Ability — say, Eevee for example — and you don’t have another, an option to breeding down their lineage is to breed the Pokemon with a Ditto. If a Pokemon is bred with a Ditto, no matter the gender, there is always a chance the Hidden Ability will be passed forward onto their offspring (assuming the Pokemon being bred has their unnatural ability in the first place — for example, an unnatural ability for Eevee would be Anticipation).

The other types of Pokemon that have Adaptability as a Hidden Ability are:

  • Corphish – Pokemon #341
  • Crawdaunt – Pokemon #342
  • Feebas – Pokemon #349
  • Skrelp – Pokemon #690
  • Dragalge – Pokemon #691










Corphish and Crawdaunt, the Ruffian and Rogue Pokemon: #341 and #342.

Corphish and Crawdaunt are a perfect example of Adaptability at it’s best. These two define this ability in it’s fullest with their pure strength. Although these two naturally cannot obtain the ability, in Pokemon X and Y they are luckily found in the Friend Safari’s, allowing trainers to capture these wriggly powerhouses. The only downfall of these crustaceans are there speed but that can easily be fixed with a Baton Pass team mixed with a couple Speed Booster’s (such as Blaziken, Scolipede, and Ninjask). In Little Cup tournaments Corphish reigns in supreme, bearing his Water-typing proud whereas Crawdaunt cleans house with his Water-typing and new found liking for his Dark-typing. Some moves that compliment the both of these Pokemon are, but not limited to:

  • Bubble – base power 40.
  • Bubble Beam – base power 65.
  • Crabhammer – base power 100.
  • Aqua Jet – base power 40.

However, like previously stated, Crawdaunt gains an affinity towards the Dark side and gains a new movepool at his disposal. Some moves for Crawdaunt are, but not limited to:

  • Knock Off – base power 65.
  • Night Slash – base power 70.
  • Crunch – base power 80.
  • Dark Pulse – base power 80.

With a base power in Attack of 120 and Adaptability, these Pokemon are not to be reckoned with — that’s for sure.


Feebas, the Fish Pokemon: #349.

Although Feebas has Adaptability as it’s Hidden Ability, it doesn’t have much going on for it movepool-wise. Feebas is similar to the story The Ugly Duckling in which when it evolves it becomes glamorous and outstanding. However, it’s not very evident in Feebas. Being a Water-type Pokemon, Feebas is definitely overlooked for other Pokemon who can do the exact same thing (such as Corphish) but better. Alas, here are some moves that Feebas can pull off, which are, but not limited to:

  • Scald – base power 80.
  • Surf – base power 90.
  • Waterfall – base power 80.
  • Brine – base power 65.

Sadly though, catching a Feebas in Pokemon X and Y with the Hidden Ability Adaptability is impossible. The only possible way of getting this secret ability is by transferring this Pokemon from Pokemon White/Black/White 2/Black 2.













Skrelp and Dragalge, the Mock Kelp Pokemon: #660 and #661.

Skrelp and Dragalge are definitely interesting Pokemon. New with Kalos, they have definitely brought smiles to many trainer’s faces — especially Dragalge. These Pokemon have the option of having the ability Adaptability, but alas, are unable to be obtained in-game with their unnatural ability. However, if they were to have their Hidden Ability it would definitely trump their other abilities Poison Touch and Poison Point in a lot of ways. Especially useful against the new Fairy-types (as Adaptability would give more strength to their Poison-moves when attacking them). Skrelp is a Poison and Water-type Pokemon and thus, if Adaptability were available, would have boosted strength in these moves which are, but not limited to:

  • Water Gun – base power 40.
  • Acid – base power 40.
  • Poison Tail – base power 50.
  • Water Pulse – base power 60.
  • Aqua Tail – base power 90.
  • Hydro Pump – base power 110.

When Skrelp evolves, however, it loses it’s Water-typing and instead gains the formidable Dragon-type as Dragalge. Due to this typing, Dragalge definitely chases down the Fairy-types being able to fix it’s own resistances against them. Being a Poison and Dragon-type definitely has it’s own perks on many trainer’s teams. Not only that, but if Dragalge was able to utilize Adaptability, these moves would be boosted even further which are, but not limited to:

  • Dragon Tail – base power 60.
  • Twister – base power 40.
  • Dragon Pulse – base power 85.
  • Sludge Bomb – base power 90.
  • Sludge Wave – base power 95.
  • Draco Meteor – base power 130.

With those powerful moves at hand (or fin), Dragalge would definitely make a formidable opponent in the heat of battle. Especially with his high Special Defense stat of 123.

Well, that’s it today for this segment of Ability of the Week! Next week we take a look at Aerilate, an ability exclusive to Mega Pinsir! Well, until then!

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