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Podcast Central: Banking on the Bank

Podcast Central
The big news that is going around is that Pokemon Bank has still not been release. That may disappoint some but others seem to be taking this quite well. What does that means? It means you should listen to some podcasts as you wait around for Pokemon Bank.

You could also go breed some Pokemon in Pokemon XY, battle at the Battle Chateau, win Battle Points at the Battle Maison, replay Pokemon XY for the third time, do everything there is to do in Lumiose City to up your style, finish the post-game in Pokemon XY, or catch Mewtwo and Zygarde. Though, if you really want to play with your Gen5 Pokemon then you could always play Pokemon BW/BW2 games.

Either way, you can listen to some podcasts while doing all of that! Don’t touch that Totodile!

Pikapi Podcast: Blue Moon…– Mako tackles the biggest question in her podcast life: Is Chikorita a Tsundere or a Yandere? That is only a part of her escapades as she covers an episode where Ash and Friends are chasing after another Pokemon that loves to take their stuff. Take a listen as her and you will realize that Ash has a problem with cops.

The Underground: La Vie en TCG– Sam is joined by Mitch Westrick and David Reichenberger. Together they put their vast knowledge of the Pokemon TCG to make predictions as to what to expect in the 2014 TCG season and beyond. They pay their respects to the past TCG season as they look forward to what 2014 will bring.

PKMNCast: Pokemon XD: Gale of Sales Numbers– SBJ and crew get together to talk about the closing of the Dreamworld and the lack of Pokemon Bank. They then have a lively discussion about sales numbers of Pokemon XY in Japan and the differences between American and Japanese video game players. If that wasn’t enough then stay tune as they discuss what they dislike about Pokemon XY.

Striaton Radio: Slowpoke Holiday– It is never too late to celebrate the holidays at Striaton Radio! Justin and the staff won’t let the lack of Pokemon Bank bring down their belated holiday spirits as they talk about what they want from Pokemon and what we have to look forward to in 2014.

Pokemon Battle Revolution: Episode 13– eSeamus, Scott and Silfeed get together to talk about the future of BW Podcasts and introduce the two new additions to their family. There is more talk of Pokemon Bank with a reason why we still haven’t gotten the service. All this serious talk doesn’t stop them from having some fun with Tyrantar.

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