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All Aboard the Pokemon Bus Tour!

Pokemon Bus
The Pokemon Bus is coming!

And it is touring all over the United Kingdom! Bringing along popular UK stars Sam and Mark along for the ride!

Pokemon will be releasing a series of weekly videos featuring Sam and Mark riding the Pokemon Bus all around the UK. The Pokemon Bus is a double decker bus filled with all kinds of Pokemon merchandise and games. Meanwhile, Sam and Mark are a pair of beginning Pokemon fans who are wanting to learn as much as they can about the world of Pokemon through Pokemon Sword & Shield.

This series of videos will not only help new Pokemon fans learn the basics of Pokemon. It will also give you some insight on the inspirations for the Galar region. After all, the Galar region was based on the land of England. Fans can use the Galar Expedition Guide to follow along with the journey.

There will also be stops to pick up some popular YouTubers. These Pokemon fans will give Sam & Mark a lesson about Pokemon and help them in the Galar adventure in Pokemon Sword and the TCG. In the first video they meet DanTDM!

You can watch the first video in the Pokemon Bus Tour series below. New videos will be added weekly.

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