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Alternate Form of Magearna Revealed


CoroCoro Ichiban has revealed some interesting news ahead of the new Pokémon movie about its main character, Magearna. It turns out that Magearna used to look very different. We have some translations via Pokebeach of what the Magazine had to say about the new Pokémon.

Magearna looked different 500 years ago! You are getting this confidential material exclusively in this magazine!

When Magearna was serving the Azoth Kingdom 500 years ago, it seems it had these gorgeous colors and patterns.

Isn’t it surprising it has such a different form from how it appears now? Come witness how amazing it looks in theaters!

It’ll be interesting to see what this means for the games, if there’s a way to transform Magearna back into its original state, or if this is one of those anime only things. It’s cool that they’re doing this, though. Because after they revealed Magearna’s role in the games with the last trailer, it also showed that the Pokémon itself is just within the middle part of a metal body, and as we all know, metal deteriorates over time.

Source: CoroCoro Ichiban, Pokebeach




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