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As Another Year Turns, the Pokeball Turns One!

As the Pokeball Turns
As in one year anniversary!

Whose one year anniversary? That would be for As the Pokeball Turns!

For one year, David from As the Pokeball Turns has been interviewing different trainers within the Pokemon GO community. These people range from so many parts of life. From those who run a bus to help people catch and raid Pokemon. To those who run Pokemon podcasts. There have even been people who take part in the actual science and AR photography.

You name it and most likely David has had a person like that on their show. If they haven’t then you bet they will appear on As the Pokeball Turns eventually. David gives these people a chance to tell their Pokemon GO story. He really does gives a new meaning to the idea that Pokemon GO brings people together.

Which is why we are excited to help celebrate their one year anniversary on the air. They started with a single episode that aired on January 28th. One year later, As the Pokeball Turn has over twenty episodes featuring different people sharing their Pokemon GO story.

And to celebrate, we asked David to share his favorite episodes and why. If you are a new listener then we suggest you give these episodes a listen. If you are a fan then how about you give these episodes a relist and see why David loves them.

TRAINER’S EYE #14 – “It’s A Punderful Life” ft. ShadowPrime34
There are times where you meet people that you instantly mesh well with. That’s how I felt with ShadowPrime34. I can tell people who ask me that I consider this a “perfect interview” due to the banter and how balanced it felt. You heard my humorous side, but it wasn’t distracting. ShadowPrime34 was still highlighted as the guest and you heard his story. Even after editing the episode, I wasn’t left with the feeling that I could have phrased a question better or I could have asked this question for more clarity. This was also the first episode where I experimented with a story type intro with both music and sound effects. You’ll find that a lot of what you heard in this episode was taken into future episodes moving forward.
TRAINER’S EYE #15 – “Watts Under A Microscope” ft. ShinyShinxScience
I love how Pokemon GO has fused with our everyday life. ShinyShinxScience was a guest I had my eye on because of how she fuses Pokemon GO with both science and AR Photography. I’ll also be honest, science is my weakest subject. Which, in my opinion, only helped improve the interview because it gave me the opportunity to connect her world with people like me who are unfamiliar to the science community. I was genuinely excited to interview her and hear about how science is all around us and how Pokemon could be a catalyst for people to better understand our world.
TRAINER’S EYE #8 – “400th Article Special” ft. JRE47
There are parallels to JRE and myself when I look back on this episode. He had an interview with Michael Steranka and was surprised that he agreed to be interviewed by him. And I was surprised that JRE agreed to be interviewed on my podcast. JRE has been around for a while and people knew who he was, but people likely didn’t know how he started with this game or his articles. That’s the fun part with each interview is seeing how we all start differently and evolve into who we are today.
TRAINER’S EYE #21 – “The Heart of Battling” ft. Sosaflo
PVP is arguably a heavily misunderstood mechanic when it comes to Pokemon GO. Some people don’t find it interesting and collecting has appeared to have taken a forefront when it comes to Pokemon in general. We forget that Pokemon was actually centered around battling and SosaFlo’s passion for it is contagious.
TRAINER’S EYE #4 – “Gold Gym Romance” ft. 91jcamacho & Kayakpologirl
When I was designing the idea of the podcast, I always kept in mind the idea of highlighting people you may have never heard of and may never hear again. This episode highlights this perfectly with two people who are involved with Pokemon GO in their local community. They love this game and continue to play it in their own way, in this case Gold Gym Collecting. The best part is how they met and became a couple through Pokemon GO that I really found touching. Who doesn’t like a good love story?

Happy anniversary to As the Pokeball Turns and David. We have just recently started to feature them in our Podcast Central column. So glad that we have found them in time for this great milestone! We look forward to hear more from As the Pokeball Turns in this upcoming year and beyond!

Make sure to give them a review on iTunes or your podcast catcher of choice to celebrate!

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