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VIDEO: How to get the “Perfect” Pokémon

Wolfey in a suit with fidough
Do you want to get into VGC?

You may have seen the Orlando Regional stream this past weekend. Some amazing battles happen there with some of the best players in the game!

Still, at this point you may be wondering how do you get into VGC? What can you do to see your name on stream because of your amazing skills at Pokemon battling. Well, we have the video for you!

Presenting Wolfe Glick‘s guide into competitive VGC. Everything you need to know so you can walk into your first Regional for your first battle. Or maybe you want to watch this video even though you know this stuff already but want to see Wolfey do and wear crazy outfits with Fidough.

So go ahead and give this video a watch! You will either find it informative or entertaining. Maybe both!

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