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Art Feature: October Art Challenges

Inktober, Poketober, OCtober, and more! We’re featuring a few from each here!

October is a very popular month when it comes to art challenges. There’s a variety for people to pick to participate in. As a result, there’s a bunch of Pokémon art coming out this month, especially from the Pokémon themed challenges. So we wanted to spotlight a few of our favorites here today! Also, if you’re a fan of Pokémon and like to draw no matter what your skill level, be sure to consider joining our PXR Artist Collab! Entries are open until the end of November and we really look forward to seeing what all you guys have to submit!


Often cited as the originator of the October Art Challenges, Inktober is a very popular set of challenges that many people participate in each year, so it only makes sense that we start with a couple entries from there first. That said, while you can find the official list of prompts here, many Inktober entries don’t actually follow them, including a few of these below.

For Day 28 of Inktober, AutobotTesla designed an Autumn form of Roserade! Seasonal forms of grass type Pokémon are really interesting to see because as the chlorophyll in plants dies, it creates brilliant colors, which can be used in amazing character designs like this one! The dying flowers on Roserade’s hands amplify the dramatic flare of Roserade’s design. All in all, it is really cool design and a great way to kick off this article.

OtakumonGo is right, RIP makes for the perfect prompt for a ghost Pokémon! Yamask is one of my personal favorite Pokémon too so I love how well it was depicted here! Very nice work in the traditional medium and extra points for a clever interpretation of the theme.

For Inktober, Rioisok did a doodle a day featuring their his Pokésona or various other Pokémon, and for Day 28, this featured his favorite regional variant, Galarian Farfetch’d! I love the shading he used on this piece, it really creates a unique flare and gives Galarian Farfetch’d an almost rubbery round texture. It works very well for this piece!


Pokeboo is a set of Pokémon themed prompts created by Beebzz! It’s a series of spooky and Halloween themed prompts like “broom”, “vampire”, and “graveyard”. You can find the full prompt list here.

For the prompt, Astro, Beebzz redesigned the zodiac calendar using Pokémon! Not only is this just a cute design overall, but it’s really cool that they don’t use any Pokémon from the canon Horoscope (with the exception of Cottonee being related to Whimsicott, which is in the canon Horoscope). It gives a chance for other Pokémon to shine and some of them, like Latios and Latias, fit their corresponding signs better than the canon choices. All in all, a really cute and cool concept that I like a lot.

Stashio is another participant in Pokéboo, using the prompts to create a series of gijinkas! My personal favorite is the Mismagius gijinka featured here. I love the character’s expression and how the hair also simulates Mismagius like the outfit. Plus the magic sparkles are a great touch. All in all a really lovely design!


Drawtober is another challenge that’s a bit more unique than some of the other ones here. Unlike many of the others, rather than a prompt a day, it’s one prompt roughly every five days, equalling six prompts in one month. This gives artists a bit more time to spread out their work without feeling pressured to do one drawing every day. Of course, not every artist follows these prompts, but if you want to check them out, you can find them here.

For Drawtober, Jarzardart drew 31 different ghost Pokémon using only inks and markers. I’d highly recommend checking out the whole thread by clicking on the embedded tweets above because they all came out phenomenal. The Golurk and Yamask pieces are especially my favorites because they show a real understanding of expressions, in the case of Yamask, and color theory, in the case of the Golurk. They definitely have a lot of skill with these markers and inks so I highly recommend checking out the rest of their work for this month.

Drawtober 2020 – Folklore (Froslass) by Miscarainious on DeviantArt


Miscarainious also opted for some gijinka designs for their October Art challenge! This piece for Frosslass is SO COOL, no pun intended. This is meant for the prompt “Folklore”, which is really fitting given that Froslass is based on the Yuki-onna, a yokai from Japanese folklore. Typically said to inhabit icy mountains and either guide people off or kill them, this gijinka definitely seems like a trustworthy individual, but I don’t know if I like that look in her eye.


A series of Pokémon themed prompts, Poketober’s original list of prompts was created by Twitter user Brensdoodles. It’s a tad outdated, being from 2018, but if you’d like to see the original prompts, you can find them here. You can also find another set of prompts by Twitter user Ookamarii here.

First up is Shonee! They didn’t really seem to follow any official Poketober prompt list that I could find, but that doesn’t make their art any less phenomenal. There were several pieces I really wanted to include, including this Alolan Ninetales and Buizel, but I ultimately had to go with the Shaymin piece. I can’t not pick this adorable piece of my favorite Pokémon! Highly recommend checking out all their Poketober pieces because they are all great!!

TiredMarejai used Poketober to really show off their skills with scenery. This Solgaleo piece is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how impressive some of these look. Their more recent pieces have been focused on the legendaries and they really do well to bring out exactly what inspires power, respect, and awe in regards to them. Solgaleo looks really fierce here and I just adore how great it looks.

Real talk this is probably one of my favorite pieces featured here today. The composition of it is fantastic. The Corsola and Luvdisc in the foreground and background do an excellent job to establish depth in the picture, with is further accentuated by Gyarados’ body having darker shading as it gets closer to the top of the picture. It simulates real photography techniques and I love that. Plus underwater scenes in general are just really cool. The artist actually used real life algae species in the piece too since they had to study them in class which is really neat. All in all, reskiaaaann did a wonderful job on this!


Visember is a series of prompts but together by the Viser League Tournament, which is an art battle tournament charity zine in which 16 trainers are chosen to battle with their Pokemon team! Visember is a 30 day drawing challenge that kicks off at the end of September/beginning of October, but until some of the other challenges here, this challenge allows you to go all the way to December so there’s no need to rush with each piece. You can find the full list of prompts here if you’re interested in joining in since there’s still time!

It’s always interesting to think about what your characters will be like when they’re older. While it’s hard to imagine what we would be like ten years from now, with characters, it’s a tad easier. For artist Juno Son, they imagined their character with a child! It’s a big step in any person’s life but it looks like K.C. is loving every moment of it! What a happy family~

Day 20’s prompt was cooking together, and I have to agree with Flame here, Growlithe would make for an excellent cooking companion. Growlithe would be able to ensure that wood pizza oven keeps at just the right temperature to cook that pizza to perfect! I also really like that the oven looks like a Galarian Weezing. That’s such a cute touch!

An important part of every trainer’s journey is their rival. HibikiPaulens does very well to quickly characterize the rival here, giving us a quick overview of his personality, attire, specialty, and the narrator’s perspective of him. And they do so in only three sentences! It’s a great way to establish them and give us a good idea of what our hero will be up against when facing him in the future.


Dashtober is another set of 31 prompts meant for the month of October! Created by Lucy Dash, they’re meant to be primarily Halloween themed but also open to artistic interpretation no matter what medium someone chooses to participate with. Lucy Dash even regularly posted mood boards to coincide with the prompts for extra inspiration! If you’d like to see the full list of prompts you can find it here.

This piece above by Startboii is a combination of two prompts, “Comic” and “Lightning”. It features resident lightning bender Azula atop the mighty Fire/Poison type lizard, Salazzle. The pair actually suits each other quite well, since Azula was shown to ride lizards semi regularly in Avatar the Last Airbender’s second book. It’s a really cool combination that meshes the two franchises very well.


Next up we have PMD Inktober, or Guildtober! Created by the Ask Team Daybreak ask blog, Guildtober is a series of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon inspired prompts for the month of October! It was originally created for the discord server that hosted that Dungeons and Dragons themed Pokésona event we covered a couple weeks ago. If you’d like to see the full list of prompts, be sure to check it out here. And be warned, there might be some game spoilers in the entries down below.

First up we have KaidaCreator, who on top of doing these prompts, also added the additional challenge of making them with limited palettes. This is just a sample of all that they’ve done so far, with each piece being absolutely beautiful despite the limited colors. It really speaks to KaidaCreator‘s skill as an artist to still be able to so effectively convey the moods and interactions of all the characters despite the limited palettes, and it’s something I really admire about their Guildtober pieces as a whole.

Everyone has a favorite guild member, and for Volcanicbakemeat, that’s Sunflora from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Time, Darkness, and Sky! I have to agree that Sunflora is one of my favorites too. Her peppy personality is something I’ve always vibed really well with and I’m glad it comes across so well in this adorable piece.

No team can achieve greatness without that very first meeting. In Miss Misty‘s Day 1 and 2 pieces, we get to see the momentous first meeting of May and Liz of the illustrous Team Pirates! It’s really cool to have that little peek into the history of such a cool team and I’m glad that they seem to have hit it off more or less right away.


Nuzlocketober is a new inktober style challenge that was released for the first time year! Created by Twitter user Terastrial, it challenges players to play a nuzlocke and document their playthrough throughout the month of October! Interestingly, this set of prompts isn’t exclusive to art, so while all we’ll be featuring here is art, I’d recommend checking out the Nuzlocketober tag itself to see some of the cool playthroughs and streams that are still going on in relation to the prompts. You can also find the full list of prompts and rules here.

First up we have itsraininsmwhre and their randomizer of Crystal Dust. Randomizers are especially tricky things to nuzlocke because they add in a very high unpredictability factor depending on how much you randomize. For itsraininsmwhre, that Nuzleaf looks especially threatening, so hopefully they were able to take it down quickly without much issue!

Next up is DanIsFluffy and the difficult choice every trainer must make when starting their journey. All the starters are great choices, especially in Hoenn, but it seems that DanIsFluffy decided to go with Torchic here. While not the best choice for a Hoenn nuzlocke, it definitely has its advantages that will make it a powerhouse if she survives in the long run.

Next up is a piece by the creator of the challenge, Terastrial! They got behind on their own challenge so they took the time to animate this little piece featuring their White 2 team. It’s really cool to see the unique walk styles of each Pokémon, especially Maractus. Looks like they’ve got a solid team going there too!

Heads Up- 20 by LitheFry on DeviantArt

User Menu 6 Favourites 0 Comments 46 Views “Big day today! Wanted to get a picture with the whole crew before the big fight!””Oh no, did I have my finger in frame? I’m sorry Dominic!”

This piece is by Lithefry and is part of a series known as “Heads Up”. It’s a Pokémon Sun nuzlocke that has a mix of written and drawn updates based on the Nuzlocketober prompts! While only picture updates are posted on Deviantart, you can see every update on the Nuzlocke forums, so be sure to check it out because it is very cool and worth supporting!


Next up on our art challenge list is OCtober. This challenge, created by SarahDandh on Twitter, isn’t a Pokémon specific one, but rather an OC centric one! As a result though, a fair number of Pokémon OCs made their way into this challenge as well, so let’s check them all out. You can find the full list of prompts here.

Old Halloween costumes are a lot of fun to reminisce on, especially when you used to dress up with friends! TaiBo and Colorocko definitely had a lot of fun dressing up as a Dodrio, the crew from Gravity Falls, and so much more! Jade Day did a really wonderful job with this.

This Hydregion is the definition of sinister and really fits into the Halloween season. AnibalCruzM does VERY well with making this Hydregion intimidating, like some sort of terrifying monster you’d definitely see lurking around the dead of night on Halloween. It’s a really cool piece and one that deserves a lot more love, as does the artist in general, so go support them!

Finally we have this piece by MagicantofSora of their OC cuddling with a Flaaffy! Honestly, Flaaffy is a great Pokémon to pick for cuddling purposes. That wool must be super soft and comfy to hug. The fact that the horns, eyes, and several other parts of the piece also have visible shading is really neat and shows a great understanding of inking on the part of the artist, so overall great work by MagicantofSora!


Technically, OCeptember is a challenge meant for September, not October. But with all the Pokémon entries during that month as well, it felt wrong not to include it here as well! You can see the full list of prompts here.

First up we have these pieces, and our thumbnail, by Noblejanobii. Deviating from the prompt for that day, Noblejanobii designed the PMD teams for the three randomized Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky runs she had done. These designs were all rather neat in that they deviate from the standard Pokémon designs in a way that makes sense within each setting. She goes more in-depth with it in the Tweet thread below the one featured here, so if you’re interested in learning why each Pokémon looks the way it does, I recommend taking a look.

Next up we have Noblejanobii ‘s partner, the very talented artist, Penpeaches! While they spent the majority of OCeptember focusing on their own personal OCs, when it came to the formal setting prompt, they decided to do a couple of Pokémon OCs, featuring their characters Eugene the Umbreon and Kuno the Armaldo. While they claim that they sorta BSed the background, it still looks phenomenal and does well to bring the whole piece together, especially by including a couple more OCs into the background. All in all it’s a great piece that fit the Day 12 theme very well.

Finally we have another gijinka piece from Silurica featuring the initial and current designs of their Arceus gijinka, Alfa! I’d agree with them in that this design has been greatly improved upon in the year since it was initially created. It is much clearer in the more recent pieces that Alfa is an Arceus gijinka rather than a very well dressed individual. It incorporates the gold a lot more into the character which makes the connection a lot clearer than it was previously. It’s great to see that kind of creativity and all in all great work from Silurica.


Finally we have Fandom-tober! This is a series of prompts created by our very own Arrow-Jolteon, better known as ButterFlygon! This is a series of prompts that applies to a wide variety of fandoms, and as such, has a number of Pokémon related entries. You can see the full list of prompts here.

So first up we have this piece from the challenge creator, Butterflygon! The prompt for Day 3 was the fandom they’re the most involved with, which is definitely Pokémon if there long standing activity on Pokémon Crossroads has anything to say about it. This piece, while simple at first glance, actually makes for a very cool complex composition. The black and white background mirrored by the black and white lineart really helps the tail flame to stand out and overall makes Charizard all the more fierce looking. It doesn’t need its striking orange palette here to look fierce and ready to battle. All in all, a really cool and unique piece by Butterflygon.

Expedition Partners by ScrollWyrm on DeviantArt

User Menu 5 Favourites 0 Comments 20 Views Day 13 Prompt: Favorite Character Leitmotif Partner’s Theme from Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Everyone says that EoT/D/S has the best story, but I personally grew much more attached to the cast of Super, the Partner most of all.

Finally, to wrap this article up, we have this final piece from Scrollwyrm. The prompt for this piece was “Favorite Character Leitmotif” and for Scrollwyrm that is the partner character from Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. This piece does really well to show off the dynamic Scrollwyrm had in mind between the player and the partner, and does exhibit some of the tendencies I remember the partner having from my own playthrough. All in all, they make for a cute duo and a great way to wrap up this article.

If you saw any pieces that you liked here, be sure to show your support for the artists by liking and sharing their work! And if you’re an artist who likes to draw Pokémon, be sure to consider joining our PXR Artist Collab! Entries are open until the end of November and we really look forward to seeing what all you guys have to submit!

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