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Art Spotlight: Hourly Comics Day

It’s a day in the life of the artists!

Hourly Comics Day was this past Monday which meant many artists let their fans have a peek behind the curtain and see a glimpse of their daily lives. Several Pokémon artists participated so we’re going to take a look at a few entries from throughout the various artists’ days!

What is Hourly Comics Day?

Hourly Comics Day has its origins in the early 2000s. Inspired by an artist named John Campbell who created comics for every hour he was awake in 2005, on February 1, 2006, the TenCentTicker Forums launched a section called Hourly Comic Day 2006 where they encouraged other artists to do an hourly comic that day. Eventually the day spread to other sites such as Flickr or Deviantart, with most artists nowadays documenting their progress on Twitter or Instagram.

But what is Hourly Comics Day exactly? The answer is in the name itself. On February 1 each year, artists create a comic for every hour they are aware, typically detailing the events of that hour. Whether its eating breakfast, talking to their spouse, or studying in class, artists depict their daily routine through this series of comics for as long as they’re awake. Obviously the rules of this day are self imposed, so it’s not entirely uncommon for artists to sometimes group hours together if they have something like class for multiple hours at a clip.

Still a bit confused? That’s okay, because we’ve got some examples that are sure to clear things up below!

Pokémon Artists

A fair number of Pokémon artists participated in Hourly Comics Day so let’s check out what all they were up to during this time!

Starting us off is NobleJanobii and her mountain of Pokémon plushes! Makes sense that a Shaymin fan would have so many Shaymin plushes. NobleJanobii also kept the Pokémon spirit throughout the entire day, with all her entries featuring her in her Pokésona form as opposed to being a human. So for those of you that like Shaymin, there’s plenty of Shaymin content for you to enjoy!

Next up is DrawingLeo! A member of many fandoms, this Pokémon artist was unfortunately snowed in due to the ongoing Nor’easter, so all of their entries take place indoors. That doesn’t make them any less entertaining. Strolling around in the form of a cat, we get to see DrawingLeo do everything from playing Animal Crossing to chatting with friends on Discord. It’s a day in the life of a student and it’s not one you’ll want to miss.

Up next we have Nekoama, the creator of the comic, Lil Char and the Gang! This Pokémon webcomic creator shows us what the day in the life of a loving wife and mom is like. It’s full of cute moments like the one above as well as some weird moments, as is typical when you’re documenting the adventures of children. But all in all it’s a charming and fun read that’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

And finally, we have Katie Emma rounding out our list of Pokémon creators! The mind behind the Vap comics, Katie Emma documents her day in a similar fashion to NobleJanobii in that all her doodles feature her as a Vaporeon! She event depicts her grandmother and partner as Pokémon too, which is real dedication! All in all it’s a series of very cute traditionally drawn comics that are worth checking out.

Caught Playing Pokémon

Not every artist that participated in Hourly Comics Day was a Pokémon creator, but that didn’t mean they weren’t engaging with the fandom in a different way. Here’s a few creators that were caught playing Pokémon throughout their Hourly Comics Day!

Pokémon GO is a great way to kill time for waiting on others, and it looks like Maru-n knows this very well. She was even able to score a Pidove during her adventures that day! Awesome catch!

While Maru-n was busy playing Pokémon GO on her phone, Haley Boros was enjoying Pokémon Sword on her Switch. It seems she’s really enjoying the game so far and even caught a Shuckle during the day. Another awesome potential team member! Way to go!

Haley Boros wasn’t the only one playing Pokémon Sword though! Lini showed off her really cool Pokémon Sword team to Bani, the person who lent Lini the Switch to be able to play in the first place. That’s the true spirit of Pokémon if I’ve ever seen it. And what an amazing team to beat the game with on top of that!

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