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Final Pokemon Journeys Episodes Coming to Netflix

ALola Pokemon JOurneys
The journey comes to an end!

Today it was announced that the final episodes of Pokemon Journeys will be coming to Netflix in March. This final batch of episodes will feature some pretty amazing episodes as Ash and Goh travel the world.

In this batch of Pokemon Journeys episodes, Ash and Goh will travel to the Alola region. While there they will meet some of Ash’s old friends from Alola. Meanwhile, something is happening in the Galar region and it is up to Ash and Goh to solve it. The Darkest Day is underway and we will see some big things happening to end this season of the Pokemon anime.

While this will be the final batch of Pokemon Journey episodes, worry not! We are sure that a new season of the Pokemon anime will be coming to Netflix soon enough under a new name.

Below are images of what you can expect in this next batch of episodes.

The next and final batch of Pokemon Journeys episodes will drop on Netflix on March 5th.

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