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Art Spotlight: October Art Challenges

As promised, we’re back with the results of the October art challenges! Let’s see what you made!

Back at the beginning of the month, we covered some Pokémon themed art challenges akin to Inktober with the promise that once October was over, we’d be back to spotlight some of our favorite pieces. As the last full week of the month draws to a close, we’re here to deliver on that promise and show you our favorite Pokémon pieces not just from those challenges but also the many other October themed art challenges across the Internet. Strap in, folks, we got a lot of great artwork to cover today!

First up, just like in our previous article, is #PokeOCtober! This challenge, created by Reizerou-Arts on Tumblr, has two different prompt lists for you to choose from. Participants were able to take on a 31 day or a 4 week set of challenges depicting their Pokémon OCs. While these prompts are definitely more geared towards participants with Pokémon trainer OCs, they’re also vague enough that fans with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon or similar type OCs can participate as well, with themes like “Partner” being applicable to both a trainer’s partner and a mystery dungeon partner. There was a lot of great artwork that came out of this challenge, all of which you can check out on Tumblr, but since we can’t feature them all here are a few of my favorites!

Returning as the classic set of October based Pokémon prompts, Ookamarii‘s Poketober prompt list was primed and ready for you to tackle this year. This list features a set of 31 prompts for you to take inspiration from and is open to all kinds of Pokémon OCs whether it be humans or trainers. This prompt list is definitely a lot less Pokémon-centric than #PokeOCtober and, as such, could theoretically be used for non-Pokémon based drawings too if that’s where the inspiration took you, but all the drawings we’ll feature today will be Pokémon related. Once again, as much as we’d like to feature all the amazing artwork that came out of this challenge, we unfortunately can’t, so if you want to see more than what we feature below, be sure to check out this trend on Instagram.


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Finally, for our third and final featured challenge, we’ve got #PokemonOCtober! Created by Twitter user, Moriartsu, this trend encourages artists to make up a Pokémon trainer OC who specializes in a specific type and then draw them throughout the entire month of October. This one is less so of a prompt list and moreso of a general challenge, but the idea seems like a lot of fun since it really pushes artists to tap into their design skills a bit when created this trainer. Additionally, because this challenge isn’t a prompt list, it’s compatible with other challenges, allowing artists to mix and match for more fun. As with the others, we can’t spotlight every piece that came out of this challenge, so be sure to check them all out on Twitter.

Other October Art Challenges
Of course, these three challenges are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the amazing challenges, prompt lists, and artwork that were made this past month. As much as we’d like to feature each and every one, we simply don’t have the time or space to do so. That said, we still wanted to feature some other great pieces of art that we came across from different prompt lists along the way, so to end off this article, here’s a batch of great art and artists that we think killed it this month and deserve a chance in the spotlight.


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Poketober Day 24: Battle scene
Provided by Shiro’s Art Dumpz

Inktober Four: Knot
Provided by A.P.N’s Extra Art

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