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Ash & Pikachu Finale! Coming This Fall!

Pokemon Aime to be a Pokemon Master
So what is next for Ash & Pikachu?

After all, they have now become the best of the world after defeating Leon. I guess the next thing will be is to become a Pokemon Master.

Though, what does it take to become a Pokemon Master? That is a journey that Ash & Pikachu will have to take in ‘Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master’.

This special collection of episodes will serve as the finale for ‘Pokemon: Ultimate Journeys’. It will feature the return of fan-favorite characters such as Misty and Brock. Meanwhile several of Ash’s old Pokemon will make an appearance. Lastly, it will give us an idea of what the future holds for Ash & Pikachu.

‘Pokemon: To Be a Pokemon Master” will release on Netflix on September 8th. Below is the trailer.

Below are some character sheets and scenes. They were shown off during the Pokemon anime panel at San Diego Comic Con.

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