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Top 5 Pokemon Comics This Week – September 23

Dorkly Comics
Dorkly Comics

“We all live every day in virtual environments, defined by our ideas.” ~Michael Crichton

Please note that the selection is based solely on my opinion. If you feel that a comic really amazed you this week, feel free to post about it in the comments!

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#1. Dorkly Comics

Any Pokemon fan who’s played the games knows the usefulness of the Pokemon storage function on the PC. Without it, we’d essentially be forced to own only six Pokemon! One does have to wonder what happens to the Pokemon when you place them in the computer.

According to Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman on Dorkly Comics, the Pokemon exist in a sort of utopia. There is no pain in the PC. The Pokemon can rest, not forced to fight each other. It is a virtual haven.

There’s just one small problem… or perhaps, it’s a big one.

#2. Ken’s FireRed Kick@$$ Mode

Ken's FireRed Kick@$$ Mode

There are many things that can be said about the latest update of Ken’s FireRed Kick@$$ Mode. It is indeed the conclusion of an epic battle against a powerful nightmare of a foe whose abilities surpass those of a normal Pokemon. It is a scene in which Ken’s Pokemon come together to protect their friend and master from an onslaught of enemies. It is the end of an arc of horror.

But to me, the real clincher is the story. The final panel in the update, contrasts so heavily with the previous ones; you see Ken, sitting by himself, clearly suffering from his encounter while his Pokemon look on in concern. It shows how one man, despite being in the company of those who love him, can be so alone. And how the sins of one’s past… can quickly and easy catch up to the present.

#3. Kit’s Black 2 Nuzlocke

Kit's Black 2 Nuzlocke

I have always said that Artist Kitfox’s talents were varied and advanced. Usually, I consider his witty dialogue and dynamic characters to be the best part of Kit’s Black 2 Nuzlocke. If I had a dollar for every reference he’s made, I’d be a rich man.

We don’t get any of that with this update, and that’s okay. In these scene, we see Apollo, a Mienshao, taking on each of Grimsley’s Pokemon one by one. Using his talents as both a dancer and a battler, Apollo demonstrates that he is not only a very capable fighter, but that he can make it look beautiful as well. And that is clearly depicted by Kitfox’s wonderful use of the stadium arena and elegant choreography. Kitfox doesn’t always use color, but when he does, we’re in for a wonderful treat.

#4. Mokepon


In this update of Mokepon, we return to Atticus as he continues to attempt to travel through Mt. Moon. If only he had taken the time to read up on the dangers, study the threats of the wild Pokemon, or join together with other travelers to make his way through the cave.

Ah well, if he did any of that, he wouldn’t be the clueless trainer we all know and love.

Needless to say, this won’t end well for him.

#5. Crystal Double Nuzlocke Challenge

Crystal Double Nuzlocke Challenge

What’s the best way to ditch a date in Celadon City?

Why running into the local gym of course! After all, only girls are allowed and the guards are rather persuasive if you’re a boy and want to get in.

Seems like a pretty good idea, or so Crystal thinks. Yet somehow she gets roped into a class that… focuses on the more delicate hobbies. Another great and hilarious update from Crystal Double Nuzlocke Challenge!
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