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Awesome Sun and Moon Crafts Already Created

Clay Starters
The recent reveal of the Starters for Pokémon Sun and Moon have sent the internet into a frenzy, and understandably so. However, it’s only been a day and Trainers around the world are already hard at work creating art and crafts for the starters revealed in the first trailer. It boggles the mind how people can be so quick on the draw with these things, considering the amount of time and effort that go into making these masterpieces, but it gives other fans a chance to look at just how good their compatriots are at the things they do.

Rowlet Plush Piq

This handmade plush from DeviantART user Piquipauparro, shows early fan-favorite Rowlet sleeping. You can see its little bowtie there as well, and it also has a tail, as with the original design, which is not pictured.

Rowlet Plush Poodle

This one’s from Poodledoodleplush over on dA, and shows Rowlet in more of the action shots from the Pokémon website. It’s worth noting that both of these are made from Minky, with the second one made with embroidery eyes. Piquipauparro seems to make her own eyes, and like a magician, will not reveal her secret.

Popplio Plush

Poodledoodle has also made this Popplio plush, and like the Rowlet before it, is doing the action shots from the Pokémon website. Here, of course, it’s playing with a little ball, and not one of its bubbles.

Crochet Popplio

Popplio gets some more love thanks to this crochet cousin by ManifestedDreams on dA. She next plans on doing a Rowlet one, so make sure you check her gallery soon!

Litten plush

Finally, Litten feels the love, as it’s featured thanks to Zukori. Another picture sees it laying on its stomach, maybe after a ball of yarn?

Sun and Moon Starters

And as for the three starters together, dA user Krejdar presents the trio on a gold base, to signify that she is getting Sun version. She also crocheted a Litten plush, and has other Pokemon crafts, so make sure to look at her gallery!

Clay Starters

And last but not least, TatanRG on deviantART has created the starters out of clay. Like a few of these artists, he also has some other Pokemon art in his gallery.
And if this doesn’t show you how dedicated this fandom is, I’m not sure what does. It’s barely been a day, and there’s so much art to choose from. The new starters have been taken to like a fish to water, and the hype train for Sun and Moon, after a slight derailment, is at full steam ahead once again.

Source: Piquipauparro, Poodledoodleplush, ManifestedDreams, Zukori, Krejdar and TatanRG on deviantART.



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