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Podcast Central: Trozei for You, Trozei for Me!

Podcast Central
The talk of the podcast town is Pokemon Battle Trozei ! For those in the UK it is Pokemon Link Battle but that is only confusing people. So prepare to battle it out using puzzle after puzzle. Apparently the game is pretty deep. Some podcasts go deep into this game then others.

If you want something to listen that isn’t Trozei game music then we have a few podcasts for you to take a listen to. They will give you hours of listening pleasure as you attempt to catch’em all in Pokemon Trozei .

So get ready to Trozei! Don’t touch that Totodile!

Pokémon Battle Evolution – Episode 20 – Eric and his co-host have a deep discussion about Shedinja to make a crazy moveset that involves avoiding attacks and possible self-harm to a poor bug type. After that is done, there is an in-depth discussion about Pokemon Battle Trozei. If you don’t know anything about this game series but want to learn then this is the podcast to listen to!

PKMNCast: Pokémon Battle Trozei– SBJ is joined by Classic Wil in a podcast episode that is filled to the brim with news. Listen as they try to match the news pieces together to make a perfect flow and to capture your ears!

The Dex! Podcast: Enter The Completionist!– The Dex Crew minus Kelly are joined up with old friend, Jirard Khalil. They talk about some of their favorite jobs within the Pokemon world. Later they look though listener mail and we learn a surprising opinion that Jirard holds concerning a Pokemon that many love.

The Looker Bureau Podcast Episode 12: Chocolate Vanilluxe Strawberry The Looker Bureau starts off this week’s investigation on the topic of Pokemon Trozei and how it is known throughout the world. Then, a sudden trip to get ice cream turns deadly as they look into the case of Venilluxe. Will this craft treat give them the cold shoulder as they try to solve this case?

The Underground Podcast: Lex Ad Arcanum– Sam and Darrin pull out the professor’s coats in the podcast as they talk about the lesser known rules within the Pokemon TCG. A must listen for anybody who is planning to become a Pokemon Professor. Before that though, enjoy some easy listening of how the team from Texas decided to go big in the Texas State tournament.

Pikapi Podcast: GligarMan Begins!– Mako tells the tale of a hero that a city doesn’t needs but deserves. Who is the cape crusader and why are Team Rocket acting like 1970 villains? These are the questions that Ash and friends as Mako recalls the tale of GligarMan!

Pokemon Mystery Universe Podcast: The Occupants of Generation VI and the Linkers of Battle Trozei– A new addition to Podcast Central! Illus comes in to talk about a theory he has. Then if you want more Trozei talk then sit down and listen to his review over the newest Pokemon game, Pokemon Battle Trozei.

If you have a podcast you like to see here then leave it in the comments! Make sure to rate and review these podcasts!

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