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The Case for Cowboy Hat Caterpie

Cowboy Hat Caterpie
Get ready to yell yeehaw! Cowboy Hat Caterpie is here.

Today we have a special guest writing from Mike Nerdlaw on Twitter. Perhaps you have seen him around. That is because he isn’t too far from any tweet that Pokemon Go makes. Always asking for the same thing.

Cowboy Hat Caterpie Please.

We have gotten together with Mike to bring his case as to why Cowboy Hat Caterpie should be in the game. Please read below as Mike goes over the case for Cowboy Hat Caterpie and why you should also saddle up and join his cause.

The Case for Cowboy Hat Caterpie

For 16 months now I’ve graced every @PokemonGoApp tweet with variations of four simple words. “Cowboy Hat Caterpie Please.” This has been met generally with positive comments and feedback but there has also been a fair share of people hating on myself or my little green friend. Here today I present you the case for Cowboy Hat Caterpie.

One of the most common complaints heard around the Pokemon GO world is the lack of Stardust, especially now with the new leveling to 50. There is a lot of powering up required, which in turn requires a lot of dust. Well good ol’ Pokemon #10, Caterpie, is blessed with a 50% base catch rate, and a mere 20% flee rate. Everyone by now should have the Platinum bug medal which of course further increases catch rate. Lots of catches equates to lots of Stardust, and Caterpie is quite easy to catch.

Suddenly many people also need more XP, and again, easy catches equate to easy XP, putting another positive in the corner of Caterpie. Sure, typically Costumed Pokemon have not been able to evolve, which is a strike against ‘terpie, but with as long as evolving takes is mass evolving even the most efficient way to grind XP anymore? An Excellent Throw and easy catch of Caterpie is quicker than an evolve, and nets not only a good chunk of XD, but also dust, in which evolving does not.

Prior to a few updates ago, Event Pokemon had to be transferred one by one, so that was often an argument against a Cowboy Hat Caterpie. Now, they can be transferred with just a click, just like any other mon. Not that anyone would ever want to transfer one of the cute little bugs…

The argument is often made, there’s no Caterpie with a hat in the anime or in the games. I counter with so what? There’s probably not a Party Hat Wurmple, or a Pikachu Hat Pikachu or whatever flavor of the month Pikachu is thrown at us in the game either. Pokemon GO makes enough money for the various companies involved/invested/whatever in the game, they should and likely could easily be granted permission to add such a thing in the game simply for the revenue they bring in, they have some say in it.

It’s not a Pikachu. Seriously do we need any more costumed Pikachu? I get that our electric friend is basically the mascot, but c’mon, enough already, it’s time for another Pokemon to get a hat, and why not Caterpie? Faithful since the beginning, it’s time ‘terpie to get a hat.

Lastly, how cute is Caterpie for real? So underrated by so many people. And with a Cowboy Hat? Even Cuter.

Happy Catching trainers, may all your catches be shiny.

Cowboy Hat Caterpie please.

We hope that you are ready to now jump on the Cowboy Hat Caterpie bandwagon. Make sure to let others know about this movement and maybe one day we can all play together under the same sun with Cowboy Hat Caterpie.

You can find Mike on Twitter or catch him streaming on Twitch!

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