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Art Spotlight: The Great Pokemon Art Fight of December 2020

A battle for the ages is taking place on ComicFury!

For the past ten days a heated battle has been waged between Pokémon artists on ComicFury. Fans of all different skill levels and backgrounds have been locked in combat, furiously drawing one another’s OCs in the hope of giving their team the edge it needs to come out on top. This event, dubbed The Great Pokèmon Art Fight of December 2020, has pitted artists against each other in a battle to see whose team can produce the most fanart for members of the other team.

What is the The Great Pokèmon Art Fight of December 2020?

While not affiliated with the actual Art Fight, this event is largely inspired by it with a more simplified system to allow for easier totaling of points. This event, started by The Alolan PokeNerd on ComicFury, is a Pokémon themed version of Art Fight, in which artists are required to draw the Pokémon OCs of artists on the opposing team. Interested participants can sign up by posting in the thread on ComicFury, at which point they are added as a co-author to the webcomic page that is hosting all the artwork for the event. This event is set to last throughout the entire month of December, with Team 1 and Team 2 facing off against each other in a tight battle.

What is Art Fight?

Long time readers might recall that we actually covered Art Fight itself in a different spotlight earlier this year, so if you want a full rundown of the rules, or just want to check out all the cool artwork featured there, we recommend checking out that article as well. However, for those unacquainted, Art Fight is a month long event where artists are assigned on one of two teams. They then must attack members of the opposing team by drawing a character or characters of opposing artists. This event is largely the same, however, there are a few key differences. The first is, rather than being able to draw any OC that the artist has available, artists participating in The Great Pokèmon Art Fight of December 2020 have to draw specifically Pokémon OCs. This can include gijinkas, trainers, etc. but only if they’re related to the Pokémon in some way. The second difference comes from the scoring system itself. In the official Art Fight, attacks are rated automatically by a calculator on the site which scores the pieces on a variety of factors including number of characters, degree of shading, the finish level, etc. However, here, the system is very simplified in order to make it easier to score each piece. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Profile sketch- 3 points
  • Full-body sketch or colored profile- 10 points
  • Full body sketch with background or multiple characters, or colored full body- 15 points
  • Full body sketch with multiple characters AND background, or colored full body with multiple characters or background – 25 points
  • Colored full body with multiple characters AND background- 50 points

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our favorite pieces thus far. Due to the nature of Art Fight, we will be spotlighting both the artist who drew the artwork featured here and the creator of the character. In some cases, social media may not be available for the creator artist, so we will be linking to the ComicFury account instead. In addition, we’ll be embedding all the pieces here so be sure to click on them to view them at their full size on the actual comic’s website.

The Alolan Pokenerd

As the host of the event, we felt it was only fair that we kick off the features with a piece from The Alolan PokeNerd! This piece features Elli, an Appletun OC that belongs to Mango Cat. Elli is the protagonist of their collaborative comic, PMD: Chanterelle, which just launched recently, so it only makes sense that The Alolan PokeNerd to draw Elli. A very wonderful piece with great lighting effects that make you curious about exactly who Elli is and what her goals are in her own webcomic.


Next up is a piece by Kitsune-Rokko. This piece features another OC of Mango Cat‘s, Reo! According to Kitsune-Rokko, they had just acquired Clip Studio Paint, so the neat watercolor effects and lighting on the piece are them testing out the different brushes and tools in CSP. Definitely think it was a great experiment since it give the piece are very cool texture that overall makes the piece really pop. All in all a great contribution to the fight.


For our next piece, we’re featuring an attack by Saeya against GreyCorsola. This attack features GreyCorsola‘s OC, Breen, from their comic, PMD: Rangers of Sky. One thing that I really like about a lot of Saeya‘s attacks thus far, including this one, is that they tend to put the characters in a scene with really impressive backgrounds. They appear as grand pieces that put an emphasis on the backdrops rather than the characters themselves. As someone who is very found of environments and backgrounds, I quite like that a lot about their work. It makes the characters feel more alive in a way, because you can see them interacting with the world around them, which is very cool and creative.

Hobo of Justice

This grand piece was done by Hobo of Justice as an attack against The Alolan PokeNerd. This piece features the three main characters for the comic, Pokémon X Adventures, (which you may recall we spotlighted on Crossroads Comics recently) and does really well to frame all their personalities. From Pin Pin’s enthusiasm and Blade’s determination to Duchess’ lack of amusement, it captures the main characteristics of the various team members perfectly. The lighting and backdrop also create a very dramatic scene overall, making this very worthy of the maximum amount of points that could be allotted to it.


Digital attacks aren’t the only ones allowed in this fight, as evidenced by this adorable attack from ShrubSparrow! This attack features Snacky the Sylph‘s OC, Birdon the Pidgey. The watercolor texture to this piece really brings out just how adorable this little Pidgey is and continues to prove that traditional art is just as impressive a medium as digital. Nothing can replace the uniqueness of the texture created here and I can’t wait to see what else ShrubSparrow decides to do during this event.


Next up is a double strike attack by Borzoiteeth. Attacking both Snacky the Sylph and Montserpaws, this piece has an excellent composition to it that displays the size and scale of both gator Pokémon. Plus, it makes for a great idea to pair these two together since they’re from the same evolutionary family. This piece doesn’t even need colors to convey how intimidating the two gators are as they prepare for a fight. All in all, a great piece.


The last piece we’ll be featuring today is the first counterattack of the event by Noblejanobii. This piece strikes back at The Alolan PokeNerd and features their OC, Duchess the Furfrou, from Pokémon X Adventures. It has Duchess strolling in front of her home, the Parfum Palace, at night. As a result, the golden background shimmers as it reflects the light coming from inside the house. All in all, while the focus of the piece is meant to be on Duchess, it provides a nice backdrop that accentuates her and gives some subtle hints towards her backstory for those not familiar with the story.

Well? Did you like what you saw? You can still sign up for the event if you’re interested! Check out this thread on ComicFury and hopefully we’ll see your art there soon! Until next time, see ya!

Edit 12/16/20: All the hyperlinks got busted due to some folks adding in more pictures before the ones featured, but that should be fixed now!

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