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Changes to Appraisal and PvP for Pokémon GO are coming!

Check out the updates coming to Pokémon GO!

The next Pokémon GO version is starting to roll out on Android devices with iOS expected in the coming days. This brings the game up to internal version 0.149.0 and contains a few changes including a change in the Appraisal system.

With the new Appraisal system, you can see the three stats the Pokémon has with a three bars for each stat. The more the three bars are filled, the higher the IVs. With this, there are also buttons to the left and right to let you skip between Pokémon. It also showcases if a Pokémon is large and where it was caught. If a Pokémon has perfect IVs, it gets a red stamp.

The update also provides a UI change to Trainer Battles grouping things together for each Pokémon, showcasing the amount of Pokémon and Shields left and the current Pokémon’s CP and the new attack button has been moved back down to beneath the list of Pokémon’s attacks. It also alters how charged attacks work in the PvP system. Now, instead of just rapidly tapping in one spot, players will have to participate in a mini-game that varies upon attack ranging from drawing X’s to swiping across the screen like in the game, Fruit Ninja. You can watch the video that demos these mini-games in the tweet linked below.

In addition to that, it confirms battles with Team GO Rocket grunts and being able to capture Shadow Pokémon left behind by the Team GO Rocket grunts. You can also now search for male, female and genderless Pokémon in the Pokémon list.

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