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Chicago Bulls Goes Pokemon!

Chicago BUlls Pokemon
Ready to hit the gym with the Chicago Bulls?

And we mean both the Pokemon Gym and regular gym! That is because the Chicago Bulls decided to take their steps into the Pokemon world with their 2023-2024 schedule.

Via Twitter, The Chicago Bulls release their schedule in the form of a video. Though, if you watch the video you will see that the schedule looks just like a classic Pokemon Red & Blue video game.

About the Video and References

The video game has the player take the form of Benny, the Chicago Bulls mascot, walking around Chicago in the form of the Pokemon overworld. The buildings and environment mostly look as if they came out from Pokemon Red & Blue. Though, you may notice that there are some Chicago icons such as the Chicago Bean (Cloud Gate). Though, eventually Benny will make his way to the United Center. The home of the Chicago Bulls!

Once Benny was inside the United Center, he takes on several different coaches and trainers. Each one of them were using different famous basketball players from their respective teams. What is even funnier is the sprite art for the individual basketball players.

The players that have found themselves as “Basketball-mon” include Wemby the Victor Wembanyama from the San Antonio Spurs, The Joker the Nikola Jokić from the Denver Nuggets and Bron the Lebron James from the LA Lakers. What is best is the unique attacks and cries that the Basketball-mon have that relate to their style of playing. Though, you may get a laugh at the cry given to Bron. Once Benny defeated the trainer then a part of the Chicago Bulls schedule will be given as a reward. Towards the end of the video, the complete Bulls schedule was revealed.

Below is the video that was posted on Twitter.

Though, the video does promise that there will be more. Hopefully because it is fun to see more sport brands try to reach out to geek and anime niche communities. Or at least reference them in their social media brand. Especially after the last attempt by the LA Chargers.

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