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Pokemon Reference in Football Schedule Video

Pokemon Chargers Reference
Pokemon…And Football? Together?

And we are talking about American football! Not Football in Europe. Though, if you are interested then there is Pokemon involvement in plenty of Children Soccer Clubs throughout Europe. Still, we are talking about Pokemon in American Football! And that is all thanks to a football team wanting to release their schedule in a fun and awesome way!

In early May, the Chargers released their schedule. Though, it wasn’t in some boring list. They release their schedule via an anime opening! Each team the Chargers played against was given a few seconds of awesome anime references with a few tongue and cheek jabs at their opposing team.

Though, if you get to their Bye Week then you may spot a Pokemon reference.

The Pokemon Reference

Do you see it?

Yep! That is Psyduck! just chilling on a tree branch with a bunch of other ducks. Meanwhile, you have an anime version of the quarterback for the Chargers, Justin Herbert, fishing. I mean, what better way to enjoy a week with no football game then having a relaxing time fishing with Psyduck?

Granted. There is more to this scene then Psyduck. If anything, our yellow buddy is just here for the ride.

The scene overall is referencing Gon from Hunter x Hunter. Herbert is dressed as Gon from Hunter x Hunter. In specific, Gon when he is fishing from his green outfit to the hat made of leaves. You can see below what this scene is referencing to.

Gon Hunter x hunter

There is also one more reference which is a deep one that only Charger fans will know. Do you see that note stuck to the tree? The one that says “Sheldon High School Fishing Club”? Yes! That one! Well, it turns out that before Herbert started playing quarterback for the Chargers. He was also in the Fishing Club for his high school. And Herbert wasn’t just any member! He was the first Fishing Club President! Herbert help founded the club.

And this is the exact scene that Psyduck has found itself in this overall video filled with plenty of anime references. From Spy x Family to Fullmetal Alchemist, One Punch Man, Demon Slayer and more! All of this just to announced which teams the Chargers will play against this season.

This video may be a month old but go ahead and give this video a watch. Just in case you haven’t seen it either. Click HERE to see it.

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